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[New World] Take off your blinders, the MSQ is nothing new. They’re trying to pitch a basic leveling system that has been done a thousand times before.

Gamingtodaynews1b - [New World] Take off your blinders, the MSQ is nothing new. They're trying to pitch a basic leveling system that has been done a thousand times before.

Look, it's time to take the blinders off. You guys are so desperate for a new MMO that you're praising this fake hype that they're shoveling into your mouths. I've boiled down this embarrassing Dev Update for you, explaining what each sections means and why this is turning into a mere WoW clone. It's sad that everyone is eager to get their hands on this. Here is the text from the Dev Update.

Updates on Quest Design

Quests are the backbone of New World’s narrative experience. Through them, you will explore the world, gain experience, acquire critical items, upgrade your gear, and progress your character. Armed with your feedback, we have been consistently making improvements to our questing system and will continue to make changes as we head toward launch and beyond.


We have four key pillars that drive our vision for quests:


We want players to understand their role within the cataclysmic events unfolding across Aeternum, while learning how to navigate New World’s core systems and empowering them to experiment and discover which skills, activities, and gear best fit their playstyle.

What this means: Instead of actually allowing you to play a role and contribute to an ever-changing world that is impacted by its players, you will be guided through a series of quests in a forked-yet-still-linear fashion. Every MMO has done this.


The Main Story Questline (MSQ) guides players through each of the island’s regions and offers opportunities to explore the lore of Aeternum through uncovering ancient secrets, learning about the enemy groups that occupy the land, and meeting powerful friends and enemies as you learn that not all is as it seems on the surface of this new and mystical world.

What this means: You won't be playing a role. You'll be guided through zone after zone doing fetch quests. If you even bother to read the quest text (or listen to it), you'll learn about some generic, "mysterious" lore. "New and mystical"? Wow, what exciting adjectives. Every MMO has done this.


From the moment a new player first washes up on the shore through their journey to level 60 and endgame content, players should always have an active objective to complete in a series of ongoing story-driven quests as they strive to make their mark on Aeternum.

What this means: You will be doing fetch quests until you get bored. Every MMO is currently doing this.


Taking players to distinct areas and points of interest across the land, adding climactic moments to unique quests anchored in lore, and unlocking both important items and the secrets of Aeternum are all key to designing and updating the MSQ.

What this means: You will be guided, by map, or worse… an arrow with a shiny dot on the minimap to your predetermined location. You will then unlock "important items"… you mean you'll get quest rewards that literally every player will receive? Every MMO does this.


Here’s some of the changes we’ve added to improve the quest experience in the March alpha update:


Many zones have had their quests restructured for narrative flow. Additionally, in many instances we've replaced generic looting objectives with new interactable items tailored to a specific quest. This should help increase quest variety, along with creating unique experiences within both the MSQ and many side-quests found throughout Aeternum.

What this means: You and every other player will run the same exact course, giving you the illusion of feeling unique, but you'll just be following the trail preset for you. Interactable items tailored to a specific quest? Okay, so that means that instead of killing 10 rats, you'll go to a "mysterious Rat Cellar" and place the INTERACTABLE RAT REPELLANT that's only used for this specific quest. How revolutionary!


The starting experience and early MSQ through to the acquisition of Azoth Staff, a crucial weapon in the fight against corruption, has had many tweaks and alterations to improve progression flow.

What this means: You, a lowly scrub who washed on-shore, will earn the Azoth Staff… and so will everyone else. Nearly every MMO starts like this.


All existing quests have had their dialogue updated to improve NPC characterization and enhance quest directives. We also added English voice-over for the MSQ and starting beaches to help bring the many characters players encounter to life. Localized voice-over is in progress.

What this means: You will meet two people with the same voice actor within 2 hours of playing. What is so revolutionary about this? Voice acting in the main quest only and "UPDATED DIALOGUE TO ENHANCE QUEST DIRECTIVES". You mean you changed the text. Stop trying to upsell your product.


Introduced significant narrative questlines with unique objectives in the new Ebonscale Reach and Reekwater regions, where the players will need to complete late game story quests to vanquish powerful enemies, such as the Siren Queen and the Empress.

What this means: You added quests to an empty region. That's what you're supposed to do and every other game has done so before you. That's like Nintendo bragging that they put a flag and a castle at the end of 1-1. Every MMO has done this.


We’ve added new quests starting at level 40 that will guide players on a journey to craft and obtain rare armor sets and legendary weapons.

What this means: It's. Not. Rare. If. Every. Single. Person. Gets. It. I hate when MMOs do this.


In future updates, we will continue to build out the MSQ by adding narrative-driven climatic events through level 60. These will introduce new enemies, unique objectives to continue to improve quest variety, and new stories for the players to experience on their quest to learn the secrets of Aeternum. As we continue development and improvements, we’ll keep you updated on our social channels and website.

What this means: We're going to add iNteRaCtaBLe qUeSt iTeMs to more quests over time… We were supposed to release this game so long ago, but we thankfully had our PvP community to blame, then COVID to blame, and now we're just making more quests. Quests quests quests.

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