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New World’s repeatable quests encourages players to play solo instead of in a group.

Gamingtodaynews1b - New World's repeatable quests encourages players to play solo instead of in a group.

The repeatable quests give you exclusive tokens and experience towards unlocking content that is exclusive from your actual level.
They are also randomized, this means if you play with your friends both of you will have entirely different quests in completely different locations even if you are the same level.

This means if you try to play together, one of you is going to be missing out on rewards. So the best way to play the game is by yourself.

Edit: to make it worse. The enemies aren't even different, you are fighting the exact same ghoul (even same color and abilities) but just in a different location with a different name lmao.


I'll explain.

  1. These aren't daily quests. They're endlessly repeatable. Every time you complete them, you get territory/standing experience and tokens. The tokens are the ONLY way to get certain endgame materials for crafting. After 15 hours of me only grinding these repeatable quests, I am about 10% of the way of getting my first material for crafting the item I need for endgame.

  2. The missions aren't what you think they are. They're so random that one might ask you to collect potatoes at a specific farm that's 30 minutes away from your location, and no you can't collect potatos at the farm that's 2 minutes away from you. You have to do it at the specific spot the quest tells you. They're not all just "kill something", they're boring as fuck like asking you to go fish on the other side of map.

  3. There are no group quests. They're all solo. There are is group CONTENT though, but that content is only good for leveling up, but since there's 3 other leveling progression systems you're wasting your time doing that, when you could be doing these quests that not only boost your level but also give you upgrades and permanent buffs, reputation & tokens for exclusive content.

  4. For the guy who says that this encourages players to find new people to play with for the quests, he's wrong. Actually doing the quests is easy, the problem is you spend more time walking to the quest location than you do actually work on the quest. So I will spend 16 minutes running to a specific location, but it only takes me 3 minutes to kill the skeletons. Then I spend 16 minutes running back and then told to run somewhere else. It is pointless to party up for any quest. Any content that requires a group isn't tied to any quest. Most of the chat has people complaining about how horrible the quests are.

If you refuse to do these repeatable quests, you will be stuck with shitty carryweight while other players have triple your carry weight. And at end game you are going to be doomed.

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