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[News] A fantasy FPS MMORPG survival game with PvP and PvE. My dream game arrives after 15 years!

Gamingtodaynews1f - [News] A fantasy FPS MMORPG survival game with PvP and PvE. My dream game arrives after 15 years!

For over 15 years I've had a dream for this ultimate game. When I left Halo 2 and started playing WoW, all I could think about was making it first person. I tried Rift for a bit, then after that I was playing DayZ and Rust in early access. I decided to start learning how to code around 2011. By 2016, my partner and I started coming up with the design, we were ready to get lost in our dream game.

15 years total, I've got the main meat of it done. MMO fans can download the game for free on:Steam & Discord

We named it Bloodlines of Prima. Here are the main goals we wanted to design and managed to release:

-Death results in losing gear, but you always start with 4 ability rings. Bank items are also safe.

-Bloodlines can't be lost on death, simple yet powerful talent tree. Allowing solo progression.

-Two built in factions for PvP simplicity, chosen random during spawn. Small cost to swap.

-Abilities that can stop other abilities in real time with a range of applications.

-Attribute points that modify abilities and survival skills, no throw away attribute points.

-Huge open world with server-wide objectives, crafting materials, and PvE enemies to farm.

-Each server its own ecosystem, player reputations will matter.

We plan on writing more about the game design choice behind each one eventually. But for now it should be easy to see how most of the choices are supposed to address the less glorious aspects of survival games. If we can push and pull players in the right direction we might be able to avoid degenerative playstyles like camping new spawns and repetitive ganking without being heavy handed in the approach. We believe PvP should still be rewarded well and not punished, just lead pvpers to fight the right kind of fights.


Starting with rings for example, gives a fresh spawn the ability to fight back vs a better geared player. Open world objectives for PvP provide an easy way to spot a fight and initiate an expected battle. We reward co-op with your faction and this should help a player's reputation become more relevant. Questing and PvE mobs still reward the solo mmo player who just wants to have a good time. Hopefully its enough to flip some expectations in games like this.

Abilities are especially at the heart of the game. I've been a fan of fantasy, super heros, and anime my whole life, so we tried to give that base feeling to the abilities. Missiles are a classic projectile that can be stopped by most other abilities. Instant attacks are extremely fast precision abilities good for sniping. Runes do explosive damage all around after a set time. Movement abilities give sprint, jetpack, and instant teleportation like powers. And that is just the start of the 100+ abilities we made so far. All of them backed by the robust effect system of the game, and scale wonderfully with attribute points.

Hopefully with player feedback we can polish all of our goals. In the future, we would like to have open world raids where legendary abilities drop. Some may even have only one owner at a time, but all will be extremely powerful. Enough so that a group could control the server for better or worse. These raids would be locked behind server wide progression, requiring the whole server to work together to unlock them.

Thanks! -Anthony Eckert

TLDR: Indie devs prove you can make a FPS MMORPG survival game with both PvP and PvE. Check it out at Steam & Discord if you want something to do.

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