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[News] Mirage Online Classic 2x XP Weekend

Gamingtodaynews1f - [News] Mirage Online Classic 2x XP Weekend

Hey guys. So, like a month ago I found out this game had just fully released and I decided to give it a shot and I've been pretty addicted to it since then. Not gonna lie and say I've loved everything about it when I first joined but in only one month I've seen so much progress and improvement that I now have high expectations about this game and I'm enjoying it so far, and, this weekend Mirage Online Classic is getting its first ever 2x Experience NPC weekend for everyone! So, if you're trying to find a game to scratch that mmorpg itch, maybe this is for you!


Also, I'm a sucker for Retro Pixel art MMORPG's


I'll try to list some of the recently added features and ultimately the reason I'm still rocking this game:


*Map size expanded to 16×12.
*PvP maps Ridorana and Lavos added.
* 10+ Quest Challenges.
*Raid Bosses.
*Guild Halls (Raiding whink whink).
*Guild Wars and Alliances.
*6 Classes (Paladin, Ranger, Cleric, Assassin, Barbarian, Mage).
*Class balancing.
*500+ different items.
*9+ Life skills including Mining, Gathering, Alchemy & Hunting.
*Totally F2P.
*Platforms: Steam, Browser, Android and PC.
*Cosmetic/custom maps can be added to guild halls to expand them and ultimately make the game itself bigger through Patreon support. This is used to help ease the cost of keeping the servers running and support devs.


Incredibly active Dev's constantly listening to feedback from players.


Upcoming content featured in the #roadmap:



*Guest Login w/o ability to chat or drop items; Primarily use will be for Newgrounds, & GameJolt.
*Guild declaration update; agree to terms on what determines a war victory/defeat before accepting.
*Guild wagers based on declaration victories.
*Guild declaration wins/losses.
*Guild level & experience utilized.
*Auction house.
*Trade window.
*Ability to add hyperlinks & images to popup windows (and potentially admin text)
*Additional font options.
*Text alignment.
*Disorientation effect; Random directional input for period of time.
*3rd Text Location (Bottom right; in-combat location).
*Key Bind Menu modified for single key change.
*Custom mob attack speed.
*Scale effects player/npc font name.
*Custom pop up menu header color.
*Change allocating 500 item slots per map to what map needs & server max total.
*Unique key for skilling; Skill button for mobile UI. Allows for attacks while facing resources.
*Plus/Minus X/Y optional parameter for shoot function.
*Assigning player_id to trap.
*Attribute on block tiles to block player projectiles, but not trap projectiles.
*Attackable tiles.
*Treasure Chest.
*NPC vs. NPC interaction.
*Visual indicator of resource tiles being depleted.
*Non-admin access to certain attributes & edit specific tiles on map.
*The bank "SlotsUsed/TotalSlots" like "Bank Inventory: 67/100"
*NPC type you can walk over.
*Rename group chat guild chat.




*Play on browser:
*Google Play:


See you ingame!

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