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[News] The ambitious new MMORPG project Scars of Honor

Gamingtodaynews1e - [News] The ambitious new MMORPG project Scars of Honor

Hey guys some of you may know about our project in development, some of you may not, but I've written a post here on Reddit in the past and started a bit on the wrong foot. It wasn't professional and looked very shady.

I was absolutely roasted but got some valuable feedback on what we are doing good and what not so much.

Now several months later I'm yet again posting about it. This is completely informational and I will keep everyone interested up to date until I have enough karma to create a Community.

So who are we you'll ask? The projects Owner started working on it around 3 years ago and worked on the not so fun part of making the core of the game, setting up the server, and basic stuff like that. Fast forward to about and year and a half ago, when he found an environment artist to start some work on the pre-alpha test map, everything is was done voluntarily driven only by the love of gaming.

Last year wasn't so productive for us, because we all worked our real jobs and if we had time worked on the project. Until one day the owner told us we have people interested in what we do and are willing to invest in us.

So again we make a little fast forward until last month when our dream came true and we established our company Beast Burst Entertainment (attaching our logo). As of the start of this year, we gathered in our very own workplace where the magic will happen and started happening.

So nice to meet you all!

Let's jump to our beloved project "Scars of Honor"

First of all, the game will be Free-to-Play at launch, we will have a shop strictly for cosmetic items and there won't be any sort of Pay-to-win factors!

The art style we chose is Stylized and the genre will be Fantasy.

The game as I said will be an MMORPG, absolutely open world, we will do our best to make a big and wondrous world for all of you to explore. We hopefully will make a dynamic weather system so when the weather outside is sunny, inside the game will be the same.

The starting Factions will be
TheSacredOrder - [News] The ambitious new MMORPG project Scars of Honor

"The Sacred Order" and
"The Domination" (I'm hyperlinking their stories, so you can learn more about them)

As for the races well for a start, they will be 4 of "The Sacred Order" and 4 of "The Domination"


"The Sacred Order"

Human, High Elf, Dwarf, Bearan

"The Domination"

Orc, Undead, Infernal Demon, Minotaur

Now let's talk about classes! We will of course have the standard classes like Warrior, Paladin, Mage, Priest, Ranger, Druid. But also we are going to have some very interesting ones as well like Witch, Pirate, Assassin, and a Necromancer.

At launch, you will be able to level up to 50. We want to avoid making unusable content and will make the Dungeons and Raids scalable and to actually have to think while overtaking a boss, not just randomly casting different spells <: the bosses will change mechanics every levels you pass and of course give better loot. we are thinking about changing not only but their elements ice earth etc.>

We didn't discuss fully PvP but we will have open-world PvP, Battlegrounds, Wars (large scale open world PvP), Guild Wars, Bounty hunting, and Arenas.

We are mostly getting inspired by books and we take reference from other games on what not to do, of course, there will be some similarities but our goal is to rework everything that can be reworked like questing, battling, interacting with the world everything that is possible to be reworked. We want to make a game that haves everything in it and doesn't feel overstuffed.

We are constantly reaching out to our community on various topics and every suggestion on our official forums is being reviewed.

We also have a Gallery where you can check out some early character models and wallpapers. We will be updating it regularly.

Here is our Website you can check it out and also give us a heads up on what to make, get rid of, remake.

I do know we are at the very beginning of our journey but we are building up our team and things are starting to happen at a faster pace.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone in advance for taking his time to read and comment. I will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Yours truly,

Julian Mihaylov

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