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[News] Uncharted Waters Online is about to re-launch on Steam

Gamingtodaynews1e - [News] Uncharted Waters Online is about to re-launch on Steam

Uncharted Waters Online is about to launch on Steam again, after switching several publishers it might've finally found a definite home under the wings of Papaya Play. After switching publishers many times it has hurt the game its name quite a bit, however the game is still great and still gets decent updates every couple months.

So for starters, what is UWO? UWO is a naval game based around the 1600s. In the game you have multiple paths you can take: Merchant, Adventure and Maritime. All these classes have their own specific skill set which will start of at rank 1 and you can grind them up to rank 15. Depending how you play that can take a couple days up to a couple weeks. And there are many skills in the game about 30 per class that can all be ranked up. And with a cap of maximum skills you'll have to make a choice what route your character is going to be.

Each class has their own types of ships, about 80 each that all have their own unique design and characteristics. Faster ships for the Adventure class to quickly move around the world, bigger cargo for merchants and gunpower/crew size for the maritime class.

Lots of big numbers, the game however is from 2004. Which is noticeable if you look at the graphics. While those are not amazing the game play is very fun and addictive.


Before a recent patch this game had some very high P2W vibes, but since a new patch this has been solved pretty much completely, in short the problem had to do with the fact that ships that are bought with real money had higher base stats and could be upgraded more, creating a gap between free players. (however nearly everything in the game is trade-able as where those ships) But in the recent patch free players can now upgrade their ships just as many times as the paying players.

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So yes, everything in this game is player driven. In a way its comparable to Eve Online but free to play and with a naval theme. There is no perma death though, but there is a pirate/bounty hunter system. Players can attack merchants & adventurers and steal their supplies and climb a notoriety leader-board, in return bounty hunters can try to catch these pirates for a cash reward.

There are also multiple server wide events where the maritimers of the server come together and go into a big clash with each other defending their nation by killing the opponents.

The game is doing pretty good after the switch to Papaya Play last year where they had to wipe the server for privacy related circumstances which caused a lot of salt to dedicated players, which are sadly still pissed about it instead of playing themselves again.

I hope I got some players excited for UWO, the game is playable right now by downloading the game directly from Papaya Play or you can wait till the 19th for the steam launch.

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