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Nintendo and the Power of the Brand

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I've seen a lot of people talking about how Nintendo gets away with a lot of anti-consumer or otherwise unliked actions within the industry that no other publisher would get away with. I've heard a lot of answers like "it's nostalgia" or "it's because it sells" but I don't think either of those are satisfactory answers as to why Nintendo can do what they do. I'd like to give my own perspective on all this that I think is a far more encompassing answer and that is their brand.

Nintendo has spent approximately 45 years cultivating a very specifc brand in the minds of the average consumer. They done it for so long and with so little variance that they've become far more than just a video game company, what they are really selling is their brand.

Nintendo has cultivated this brand of games for everyone along with quality and prestige. All this combined with their historied past has turned Nintendo into an absolute juggernaut of a brand.

Now some might say "well I actually think it's just because Nintendo has been know for releasing good games" and I think that is a part of it but it's not the whole story. Sony has been releasing high quality first party exclusives since at minimum the PS3 days if not earlier and if the whole "good game allows them to sell games at full price for the 4 or 5 years or do anti-consumer things" was the only reason than Sony would be able to do the same but they can't. Sony games drop in price very quickly and even then their sales drop off over the years while Nintendo games continue to have a very healthy sales lifespan even if priced at full price. This is where Nintendo's brand power and mindshare comes in.


If you ask the average person who Mario, Link, Yoshi, or Pikachu are they would most likely at least have a vague idea of them but if you ask them who Kratos, Nathan Drake, Joel, or Ratchet and Clank are they would probably have no clue. This is the power of Nintendo's 45 year brand and mindshare building in your average consumer. Sony doesn't partially own the biggest media franchise on the planet and sell merchandise out the ass for all their franchises and Microsoft isn't getting Xbox Land at Universal, it's Nintendo. This also has to do with Nintendo's choice of much more easily marketed characters like Pikachu and Mario. If you like at Nintendo's franchises and a lot of their designs you can clearly see these characters are designed in such a way to be simple looking yet distinct and to generally appeal to the majority of people. All this is why Nintendo holds their brand so tight to the chest because screwing up their brand will ruin them more than anything else.

TL;DR: Nintendo can do things no other video game publisher can do because they aren't just a video game company anymore what they sell is their brand just like Disney. 45 years of building a brand and mindshare within the average consumer consisting of games that anyone can play, are quality, and have prestige combined with characters designed for mass appeal has turned them into a juggernaut of a brand that even Disney would be jealous of. All this allows for them to do things like limited time releases and $60 Switch ports of 7 year old Wii U games.

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