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Nintendo Direct rumours and “leaks” needs to to stop

Gamingtodaynews1f - Nintendo Direct rumours and "leaks" needs to to stop

Hi there! This is my first ever post on this subreddit and I only came here for one reason. To stop the spread of false Nintendo speculation.

I first took notice of this problem back when the partnered Nintendo Direct came out about a month ago. I remember the backlash and the hatred fans had for Nintendo but I always wondered why was it so bad? A big part has to do with the endless amount of false and clickbating Youtubers out there. Search Nintendo Direct right now on Youtube and I guarantee you that at least 4/10 of the top results will all be speculation and "rumours" and "leaks." I believe a lot of this was thanks to the leak that came out about 2 days before the direct and that's when everyone started talking. BOTW2, Mario Kart 9, Metroid Prime 4. And when Nintendo says that it's just a partnered direct, it's too late. Half of the entire fanbase is now going balls first expecting their asses to knocked off their chair and when they don't get what they want, they start raging, whining, complaining and start sending death threats which are completely unacceptable.

Nin10doland, PapaGeno's, RGT 85 and Blocked Content are some of the most notorious Youtubers that compile these BS 8min videos just for ad revenue. The sad thing is that most Nintendo fans believe this shit and when a direct does come out, it's all just backlash and hate because "Super Mario Sunshine Deluxe" wasn't announced or some other game that's fake as hell.


Leakers also need to stop. You can't just believe any clown on 4chan who makes these "hidden clues" or numbers that have the release date of the direct. And creditable leaker is just a fancy word for good faker. Also people who say they're a former employee from Nintendo is also a stupid way of convincing people. So you're telling that almost every Nintendo employee has a 4chan account, sure bud. Another thing they do (and this is normally on Twitter) is that they leave very little evidence and just make an almost empty picture of what's being announced. It lets speculators mids roam free and these are more of the long term leaks since most don't even have a date. Just a title. That's it. They make it about 10 words long and leave no evidence to support their findings.

All of this results hurting Nintendo's business and their personal life as well. Sakurai (Producer and creator of Super Smash Bros. and Kirby series) has had to all most completely shut off his life to the public so badly he can't even say what game he's playing without fans speculating that: "Oh he played the latest Shantae game so he's going to add Shantae!" and then that BS gets spread all over social media. For fucks sake even the color of the CHAIRS in the background had to be removed after one was purple and one was yellow so people thought it meant Wario and Waluigi, so Waluigi for smash!!!

We need to treat this just like fake news and we need to spread awareness about fact checking leaks and rumours and proving their legitimacy. What evidence do they have? Any source? What about an image or screenshot? Another thing you can do is just report YouTubers for clickbate. This is hurting Nintendo and it's the one thing I hate about being a Nintendo fan is that these developers, creators, artists pour their hart and soul into these games and most people do is give them is a reason to kill themselves.

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