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Nintendo games are all empty.

Gamingtodaynews1b - Nintendo games are all empty.

Nintendo games are no fun anymore !!! They are all devoided of game feel. Zelda Breath of the Wild is soulless, has no dungeon & feel so empty everywhere with boring monsters. Mario maker has almost nothing in it to design levels & Animal Crossing is like a huge downgraded game with cute graphics. Same can be said for all other switch games like Mario Odyssey wich is a joke, Smash Ultimate that is filled with trash & Mario Kart is so not fun. The only game that was somewhat ok was Luigi's Mansion, even though I really didn't like it that much.

I know this is my opinion but let me explain why I feel this way. First of:

Zelda BOTW – I mean…climbing & jumping…such a necessary cool feature right? Feels irrelevant to have. I even hear they plan to nerf it for the next game, so it sure was awesome. I just hate the divine beast, it's soo lame. It's so…sigh..pathetic. Link is made for the new generation with his big IPhone & it's cringy. So many armors & no heart drops anymore, no rupee either, it's all piece of stuff to build other stuff that breaks & keep people wanting more. The only fun I had was playing the shrines, I could of easily played a Sudoku game & it's almost the Zelda gameplay now.

Mario Maker – I mean seriously, it's all douchebags levels made to make you ragequit instead of having fun & the only playable ones are made by basically breaking the game with so many badly made items that it's like playing an Etch&Sketch version of Mario instead of a finish level. What the hell is Link doing there? There is basically only 1/10000 of the content of Mario games in this & they think it's fun to create a world of adventure with this? I feel like my parents when they said " When we were young for fun all we had was a stick & some rocks & we used or imagination."


Animal Crossing – Honestly, I'm disappointed. For a game that everyone was so eager to play, I wish I didn't. I log in, check the shop, check the clothes available, pick the bottle on the beach that is almost always something I already have & close the game. My old lego games had more to say than any of those villagers. It's like groundhog day everyday. The lighthouse is a joke, the beach can't be touched & …sigh…you get the idea.

Mario Odyssey – You got a thing, you got the same thing, you got it again, you got a thing, you got a thing, you got a thing, you got a thing, you got a thing, you got a OMG !!! Just give me back my real hat & let me play the real super mario 64 & not this fake wannabe new Sigourney Weaver from Alien movies. You can't replace the classic, get a change & give us new stuff. Mario is a frog for 1 min is the best fun.

Smash – Is no longer smash. There's no break the target, no board the platform, no adventure mode…oh…sorry, of course there is, it's called light world. Where you play yugiho Smash bros. I hate it, it's so anti-climactic. There's no feel in it. Also when did smash got to battle & story mode with no more than 10 character to every people in the gaming universe? Next it's gonna be Miyamoto is a new player in this Minecraft Smash Bros.

Mario Kart – I don't even need to talk about Mario Kart….I prefer Diddy Kong Racing.

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