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Nintendo is becoming the new EA

Gamingtodaynews1b - Nintendo is becoming the new EA

Before we begin: I LOVE Nintendo!

I grew up with the NES and Game Boy, the company makes every they of my life happier with their games!

But: I wanna discuss how Nintendo right now is, in my opinion, the most anti-consumer they have ever been in their history, how I'm worried about the future of the company, and maybe what we as a community should do.

So let's analyze all of Nintendo's anti-consumer moves in the Switch Era.

Aww, please note that English is not my mother tongue, so please excuse my grammar mistakes 😅

BTW: ARLOOOO, if you're reading this please make a video on the subject, I'm a huge fan 💙💙💙 And please show yourself more often in the videos, I miss that so much 😢

So let'sa go:

1 – The Joy-Cons

Let's face it, from a durability standpoint, the Joy-Cons are one of the worst controllers ever made by any of the four big console manufacturers.

The fact that they are repairing them for free in some regions (They repaired mine here in Europe) is of course very nice, but, the simple fact that they released a product this bad, especially at those high prices, makes me worried. In the NES-Era, the first NES controllers in Japan had a serious problem with their rubber on the d-pad I think it was, and Nintendo made a TOTAL recall.

Do we have to fear Nintendo's next controllers will have the same problems?

2 – Nintendo Switch Online

Like in many points I'll make here, at first, I was a defender of NSO.

But, three years have passed, we still haven't got at least Game Boy games yet, and I'm giving up my hopes on anything further than the N64.

Nintendo seems to be afraid that we will not renew our subs if they give us all the games quicker, but how about just making a product that's actually GOOD like Xbox' online services or PS'???

And besides, Nintendo's overall online environment is still terrible!

3 – Overpriced Games

This is the point we're the most guilty ourselves because we keep buying their games (Although I personally didn't buy any of the Wii U ports)

Almost EVERY game, no matter how much effort Nintendo has put into them is 60 dollars.

Why are all Wii U ports full price? Why are games like Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (published by Nintendo, thus they decide the price) is 60??

Why do all the games still cost 60 bugs, when on other platforms they drop in price a few months after release??

4 – Bad communication in 2020

No, the pandemic is no excuse for not having proper directs or announcing games weeks before they release, giving us no time to plan on what we want to spend our money in.

Other game companies such as Microsoft, Ubisoft, and especially PlayStation are still doing big, regular presentations!

At this point, I have to ask myself if the change of directs isn't a strategic move by the big N…


Aaaand let's finally talk about the last of Nintendo's anti-consumer move, yes let's talk about…

5 – Mario 3D All-Stars

Yes, let's make it clear, I'm still loving Galaxy in HD, and I was a BIG defender of the collection at first, but now, especially after playing Mario 64, I realized that Nintendo really put almost nooo effort into this!

Contrary to many people, I do not think that comparing the collection to Crash and Spyro makes sense, let's be honest, those games simply do not have the same value as Mario, that's not my point.

Also, there's no problem in the games being emulated from a gameplay perspective, the actual problems are Nintendo's practices with this collection on a wider scope.

First, not offering the better Mario 64 DS version. Why??? I understand that some people prefer the vanilla M64, but other collections often offer different versions of the games, why couldn't Nintendo offer the DS version as an option??

Because they don't have a DS emulator ready for Switch yet? Then they should've put the effort to actually port M64 DS! It's easier to port a single game than programming

an emulator anyway.

I'm telling you guys: next year is Zelda's anniversary, if they don't port the 3DS remasters/remakes of OoT and MM, I'm NOT buying it!!

Also, if they have functioning 64, Gamecube and Wii emulators for the Switch, this means they're holding back on games from those platforms being released just because!

Could it be they now will actually start giving us new NSO platforms at a faster pace? Maybe GBC and N64 in 2021? GBA and GC in 2022? NDS and Wii in 2023?

I hope so, but confident I am NOT.

And also the lack of gameplay modernizations, completely forcing the use of motion in Galaxy even in the MENUS was a total dick move, not updating 64's clunky constrols and camera.

And we haven't even talked about how the thing is actually limited till 31.3.2021! It's awful!

Well, at least Nintendo is still making great games so, in the end, they're not as bad as EA but still, this is the most anti-consumer Nintendo has EVER been, in the entiiiire history of the company making game consoles!

Nintendo did SO many things right after the Wii U, great 3DS games, some of the best games they've ever made with Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey, the great increase of sales for ALL first and second party franchises, the cultural phenomenon of Animal Crossing, and now, they're risking they're reputation again for sake of some easy millions!

We should start to haaaarsher criticize Nintendo, we should start voting with our wallets, we all are guilty of buying any cash grab that Nintendo puts out!

We have to fight Nintendo's greed and arrogance, to protect the legacy of the company we all love so much!

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