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Nintendo is falling apart

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Nintendo has been going downhill fast since the switch released. It feels like they don't understand their previous appeal and constantly just screw everything up, yet they are the richest company in Japan and even when they pull shit like the Mario 3d all stars BS, they make millions.

This is all my subjective opinion, and considering where I'm posting it, I expect a lot of hate and kickback.

I do not care about graphics.

Since the switch launched, Nintendo has…

-Denied that the switch is a fundamentally flawed piece of hardware with drift sometimes only taking WEEKS to occur. $60 for new joycons! 😉

-Released a Zelda game with boring dungeons and a boring story and a forgettable OST

-Released a Mario game with so much filler it could make persona 5 blush, that still reads you tutorials BEFORE THE FINAL BOSS

-Released one of the most, if not THE most, boring Kirby game ever

-Released a Mario party game with FOUR BOARDS

-delayed animal crossing, yet STILL released the game unfinished with downright BORING villagers and none of the original games personality

-EVERYTHING about 3d all stars. I don't even know where to begin on that front Jesus christ…

-DELISTING wii u games from the eshop so you'll buy the more expensive switch port

-made players pay for a PATHETIC online service. Seriously

-released a smash game that tries so hard to be melee that it has no identity. All final smashes are identical. Story mode is pathetic


-released two new switch models (one of which being the lite) BOTH OF WHICH HAVE JOYCON DRIFT

-re-released DKCTF, a game which originally cost $50 for $60

-released splatoon two, a game infested with hacking so badly that someone hacked the leader boards to literally say with the top four slots FIX THE ANTI CHEAT

-remade links awakening on a system with a control stick, yet locked movement to a grid and did not allow you to change the settings or use the, idk, D PAD

-denied that switches screens get scratched when they are removed from their docks.

-refused to offer save data backup for A SUBSTANTIAL amount of games

-released a paper Mario game with awful ring based combat

-released ANOTHER red and blue remake that REQUIRES motion controls

-released yoshis crafted world, a game that struggles to hit 30fps

If you love the switch, that's wonderful. Have your fun. But it is MASSIVELY disappointing to me to see so many people blindly support such total BS. the 3d all stars collection sold like CRAZY! I don't want to ruin anyone's fun. I'm just stunned at what this company is becoming. Flame me. I played all the games here, and honestly, I'm never supporting Nintendo ever again.

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