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Nintendo Is Very Anti-Consumer

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EA has long since been the target of gamers anger, and for good reason. They are an absolutely despicable corporation that only cares about making money. From the recent-poorly handled Origin-Steam mix, to loot boxes, to essentially releasing their sports games every year despite little to no changes actually being made. EA is despicable and extremely anti-consumer.

However, I don’t think they should be the only ones taking the shit. In my opinion, Nintendo should get a fair amount of outrage as well. They are no longer the kind pro-consumer corporation they once were. But now are instead becoming more and more anti-consumer as time goes on. This Reddit post is made to try and prove this, so people become aware.Not to mention I need to rant.

First off: joycon drift.

If you’ve ever had an Xbox controller, occasionally you’ve likely experienced it having wear and tear. This may result in drift: where the analog stick may slightly move your in game character without you touching it. However, this is quite an easy fix. There are countless YouTube videos with guides on how to easily repair this for free.

Nintendo joy cons are even worse. They are priced at least 80 US dollars for both or around forty-fifty each, which is absolutely outrageous. Even worse, drift is an insane problem with these controllers. After only a few months of play they tend to experience drift that makes games extremely difficult to play, and some like the recently released Pikmin 3 Deluxe nearly impossible. And it is practically impossible to fix. The only answers is to deal with it, buy a new one, or buy the pro controller.

This problem has been ongoing since the launch of the switch and truly is a horrendous issue that is widespread. Despite this, Nintendo has claimed that it is ‘not a big deal’. It’s not until people literally filed lawsuits that Nintendo began offering free customer service replacements in some regions. Nintendo clearly does not care about how much of a problem this is until their profit margins are risked in a lawsuit.

Second; Nintendo switch online.

Nintendo’s online service (think their Xbox live) is absolutely horrendous. Nintendo has never been known for online gaming like Xbox or PlayStation, but this service is absolutely horrendous. It’s frame rate in games like Super Smash Bros is poor, and people’s games end early multiple times, with games like Animal Crossing New Horizons being practically impossible to play online without players being disconnected. Despite this service being worth maybe 10$~ with how garbage it is, it’s 20$ a year. Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but I honestly can’t say the service is even worth that.

Third, limited releases.

Super Mario 64 is a source of fond memories and nostalgia for many people, as it was a revolutionary 3D platformer. However, by now it is over two decades old. And was never re-released apart from a DS version which is very different. The only way to play it was to buy the console and wires and all the stuff needed, or pirate/emulate it illegally.

Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy are in a worse spot. Unlike 64 and it’s DS version, they were NEVER re-released apart from their original console launch a decade ago. To play these games legally, you have to buy a Wii or a GameCube.

So fans were very excited to hear that these three games were being packaged together in a celebration of Mario’s 35th Anniversary, in a game called Mario 3D All Stars. While I will get onto how that port was pretty bad, there was a worse part.

It was announced that past March 2021, this game would no longer be available. Not just in physical copies, but in general. You will literally just not be able to buy it apart from secondhand copies and pirating. Making it a paradise for scalpers.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, it is fair to assume that not as many physical copies of games can be mass produced and distributed. And that is fair. However, that excuse that Nintendo fans use doesn’t work because there’s this little thing called the internet and digital sales.

Fire Emblem was another painful victim of this. The first ever game was never released outside Japan, and never had an official English translation. So fans of the series were ECSTATIC to find that Nintendo had made one for the switch! Great news! Until it was revealed that it would also be a limited release game, and would be gone after a certain time.

This is honestly just disgusting. It is essentially scaring people into buying the games ASAP before they can’t and it becomes sold on Amazon for 200 dollars. There is no excuse for this what-so-ever.

Four, laziness.

Before you scream at me, no, Nintendo is not entirely lazy with its franchises. The newest Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, was a FANTASTIC game and a breath of new life into the franchise. Mario Odyssey similarly. However it is undeniable that in other aspects, Nintendo has a bad case of laziness.

Let’s take the previously mentioned Super Mario 3D All Stars. Keep in mind that is is a full priced game at 60$. It is a pathetically low effort port in many ways.


For one, despite it being an anniversary special, it only contained THREE super Mario 3D games. 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy. 64DS, Galaxy 2, Super Mario 3D Land, Super Mario 3D World, AND Mario Odyssey are not included. Meanwhile the original Super Mario All Stars had EVERY Mario game ever released, along with the original Super Mario Bros 2 that had never been released in the west.

Second, it is a pathetic port. Apart from the games all there is are some music options. Other legacy games such as the Mega Man X legacy content and the Sonic one not only had their respective games (ALL of them) but also additional content such as comic covers, game trailers, etc. The crash bandicoot collection had a scrapped level re-introduced! And it’s not like Nintendo has never done that! Nintendo’s own Kirby collection featured stuff like old commercials for games and fun facts. This port is just lazy.

Third, it has pathetic options. Sunshine still runs at only 30FPS. 64 has no widescreen option, the camera controls have no changes, and it lacks options like a color-blind mode. I believe in sunshine it even has inverted camera controls, which at launch had no options. There is no button mapping either.

Before you say it’s to ‘preserve the games’ it isn’t. They took away the backwards long jump in 64, an exploit which is essential in speed runs. And you couldn’t even play sunshine on a GameCube controller at launch: the switch had GameCube controller options. Preservation isn’t an excuse. It’s just lazy.

Dolphin emulators provide more options for these games for goodness sake, including better graphics.

The new Pokémon games, Sword & Shield, are another sign of laziness. They cut half the Pokémon out with the excuse that there are ‘better animations’, there aren’t. The new open world ‘wild area’ is pathetic. The evil team still has the exact same two models for everyone. The story is bland (opinion) and it’s an incredibly linear game, even for a Pokémon title. The gameplay also has little to no changes since 1996. There are no excuses for this.

Five, The Nintendo Vault

Disney had a famous strategy regarding their films known as the ‘Disney Vault’. They’d wait a few decades and then release their old beloved classics for a limited time, causing an insane panic-buy for people.

Nintendo has a similar problem. Despite having so many classic titles, they refuse to open them to the public. Despite the switch being out four nearly four years now it only has NES and SNES content. Lord knows if we’ll ever see GameCube games. Donkey Kong Country came out on the switch but it’s sequel has to wait MONTHS to release.

Newer games launch without their prior games being available. Pikmin 3 features characters from prior games, yet the first two games are nowhere to be found. For the record, these games are extremely short and would be very easy to port over.

This has caused many people to literally be FORCED to emulate on stuff like Dolphin. Instead of embracing emulators and doing stuff like, idk, letting people sell emulated games on your eshop or paying people to emulate games for you to sell like you’d pay an artist for a painting, they don’t. They get mad when people emulate but provide no other option apart from buying a GameCube and trying to get it working on modern TVs. Which is pointless because Nintendo isn’t even getting any money from that.

Six, Cancelling Everything

Nintendo has long since DESPISED eSports. Super Smash Bros Melee still has a thriving competitive scene and is seen as one of the best competitive fighting games ever. So of course in the next game they made a completely unbalanced roster, along with adding anti-competitive mechanics like your character literally randomly TRIPPING into the game.

Despite them seemingly lightening up a bit on this, they haven’t. Due to the pandemic, people can’t play SSB competitively sitting next to each other. It HAS to be online. And since Nintendo’s online is so garbage, a tournament decided to use an emulator. Despite the profits literally going to nonprofit CHARITY organizations, Nintendo shut them down. While it’s in their full legal right to do this, that doesn’t mean it’s any less scummy.

When someone decided to sell Etika pro controllers in memory of him after his unfortunate suicide, Nintendo also shut this person down. Yes it’s in their legal right. No that doesn’t make it any better.

These are just a few reasons why Nintendo is becoming just as much of a scummy company as EA. Not their yet. But getting there. So please: if you are boycotting EA, boycott Nintendo as well. I personally am refusing to buy a switch, despite me really wanting Pikmin 3 Deluxe. No change will happen until we stand up and try and make it happen. Thank you for listening to my Ted talk.

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