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Nintendo Online Shop Customer Support is Poor.

Gamingtodaynews1e - Nintendo Online Shop Customer Support is Poor.

I decided to order a couple SNES controllers, because my son has started to get into the classics and I love it. I figure Donkey Kong Country would be great, but he should experience it with the controller that made it work, the SNES. Nintendo's online shop had them on sale so it was buy time. I ordered two and went to checkout…error. "Please try again." okay. Error "please try again." okay. "Contact your credit card company." WHAT? I did, there were multiple charges, because their site was having issues. Fine, I'll just cancel the extra order(s) (there was only 2 orders of 2 controllers, so 4 controllers total). NOPE, you cannot cancel online orders with Nintendo. They tell you you have to contact them over the phone. There is literally no way to cancel an order, even if you try to fix it 5 seconds later. I'm not joking, one of the 3 biggest gaming companies doesn't know how to cancel an order online. Seriously.

Okay, I do that, after spending about 2 hours on hold. Nope, have to wait until the order comes in, even though it was a site error, then I can RMA it…but I am promised I will have shipping taken care of. NOPE!!!

I get the packages (because you can't start the return process until you physically get them in the mail, yeah that's the truth), it can't be done via email or online…it has to be done over the phone. I am not kidding, spend 3 hours on hold between 4 customer service reps repeating the story. Every time I'm transferred, it is 45 minutes minimum wait time. That is after the 10 minute "because of covid…" prerecorded message you can't override. It's hit the number 2, then 2, then 2 to get to hardware (since they don't explain this, if anyone else needs to do it, that is the magical combo) returns and 10-15 minutes of pre-recorded redundancy in between. I KNOW, I'M LIVING DURING THE PANDEMIC, IT'S WHY WE'RE PLAYING SO MANY VIDEO GAMES!!!


So finally get one competent guy when I start with "PLEASE, do not transfer me during this call, I can't go through it again." He was great, kept me on the line and said he put in a note to have a supervisor call me within a couple hours. He was the best rep I had during this ordeal (which is still going on a week and 4-5 hours of calls later). She (the supervisor) did eventually call me…but she wasn't the best.

Supervisor call later…after explaining everything she said she would push it to the front of the line, and understood I'd spent hours waiting. I would get an email with an RMA processed for return. I then asked "so you are covering shipping of the extra 2 controllers to go back? We both agree this was a system error and wasn't my fault and you've heard this a lot" "Um, I don't know. Probably." "Wait, you don't know? So I have to pay for shipping back, even though it was a system error?" "Well, I'll push it up to my supervisor, but probably." Oh, boy. Nobody has accountability or power. Can't wait for the email. She gives me a "direct line" to her supervisor to call when I get the email. It's actually a general line for customer service with a 2 hour wait time. She lied to me.

Email comes in, nope, I have to pay for shipping and who knows how I get a refund on that. I'm pretty much stuck with trying again in the morning, then reporting erroneous activity to my credit card agency. I gave them a chance, asked for a refund for an error that they admit was theirs and they want me to pay for shipping. I've spent hours and hours working with them and been lied to a couple dozen times. I'm done. Sorry Nintendo, but you officially have the worst customer service I've encountered.

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