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Yes, I know there's a Nintendo area at Universal under construction, but I think Nintendo has enough material to make an entire theme park, so I decided to piece together what a Nintendo Theme Park would look like.

I'm dividing it up into different themed areas, but the rides won't necessarily all be from the same series. For example, Federation Station is based on Metroid, but also has a ride based on Star Fox. And the areas are listed starting at the entrance and going clockwise.

Remember, this is all purely hypothetical. I know I'm borrowing a lot of ideas from Disney, but hey, if it ain't broke, don't break it. Feel free to share your own ideas! After all, I only have the rides here, no restaurants or shops or even shows. Feel free to contribute!

Nintendo Plaza

Nintendo Express – A round trip monorail that takes guests to various stations around the park.

Pilotwings – An inverted roller coaster with airplane-themed vehicles that takes guests on a scenic bird’s eye view of the whole park.

Smash Mansion – A meet-and-greet location for beloved characters.

Federation Station

Metroid: Mission to Zebes – A shooting gallery dark ride in the same vein as Buzz Lightyear at Disney, where guests take the role of Federation soldiers and follow Samus on her mission to defeat the space pirates and destroy the Metroids.

Star Fox Arwing Flight – A simulator ride where guests take the role of newly-inducted pilots that fly along Fox & crew to defend Corneria.

Olimar’s Treasure Hunt – A dark ride where guests are shrunken down in search of treasure on the Pikmin planet, only to find themselves beset by the dangerous wildlife.

Big Blue Grand Prix – A high speed roller coaster themed around Big Blue.


Earthbound: Melody of Memory – A dark ride where guests ride vehicles based on the Sky Runner and travel through time to revisit iconic scenes from the game alongside the Photo Man.

Fourside Flying Saucers – A simple flying saucer-themed spinning ride.

Duck Hunt Shooting Gallery – A Duck Hunt-themed shooting gallery.


Turf War – A laser-tag game where the floor changes color depending on who shot it last, with the goal being to have the most territory. (Paintball was considered but I didn’t think it would work well)

Octoling Invasion – A water flume ride based on the story mode of the first game.

Min Min’s Ramen Bowl – A spinning teacup ride themed around Min Min from Arms.

Pokemon Frontier

Battle Tower – A drop ride like the Tower of Terror at Disney, with Pokemon battles happening on every floor.

Rayquaza’s Dragon Ascent – A roller coaster based on the Delta Episode from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire where the guests ride Rayquaza to stop that meteor from hitting earth.


Pokemon Snap – A dark ride safari where guests try to take pictures of Pokemon, just like the game.

Pokeball Wheel – A ferris wheel based on the one from Pokemon Black & White.

Mushroom Kingdom

Mario Kart Grand Prix – A Go-Kart race with a layout based on Mario Circuit 1 from Super Mario Kart.

Luigi’s Mansion – A haunted mansion ride based on Luigi’s Mansion.

Yoshi-go-Round – A carousel where the horses are replaced with Yoshis.

Peach’s Secret Slide – A bunch of slides located inside Peach’s Castle.

Bowser’s Castle Battle – A hybrid dark ride and roller coaster where guests brave the perils of Bowser’s castle to try and rescue Peach.

Warioware Arcade – An arcade where guests can play all sorts of games, ranging from classic Nintendo arcade games to more modern ones.

Kongo Jungle

Minecart Mountain – A roller coaster based on the minecart levels of Donkey Kong Country.

Tropical Freeze – A log flume ride based on Tropical Freeze.

Diddy’s Raceway – A go-kart track based on Diddy Kong Racing.

Spiral Mountain – A roller coaster based on Spiral Mountain and Gruntilda’s Lair from Banjo-Kazooie. (If you're skeptical of a Microsoft property being here, just remember that Universal is still able to have Marvel rides despite Disney owning Marvel)

Hyrule Square

Zora River Run – A river rapids ride based on the river sections of Twilight Princess.

Spirit Tracks – A scenic train ride based on Spirit Tracks.

Bombchu Bumper – Bumper cars themed to look like Bombchus.

Skies of the Wild – An inverted roller coaster based on the paraglider from Breath of the Wild.

Fire Emblem Pegasus Rescue – A simulator ride kinda like Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom where you fly a pegasus through a battle.

Dream Land

Kirby’s Floaty Fall – A kid-friendly drop ride based on Kirby’s floating ability.

Flight of Meta Knight – A kid-friendly roller coaster based on the Halberd.

Skyworld Chariot Storm – A roller coaster based on the Lightning Chariot from Kid Icarus Uprising that travels around Skyworld.

Animal Crossing

Kapp’n’s Kruise – A slow, calm, scenic boat ride around the town.

Blathers’ Museum – A dark ride where Blathers hopes to provide an educational tour of his museum’s exhibits… until Redd shows up, decides the tour is boring, and decides to hijack the tour to spice things up.

Event Plaza – A stage for special events and musical performances. K.K. Slider, as expected, shows up on Saturday evenings.

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