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Nintendo wants to surpress fans and especially content creators

Gamingtodaynews1g - Nintendo wants to surpress fans and especially content creators

I have thought a while about this, but I think that Nintendo is nowadays interested in surpressing different user bases to increase profit in the short term and to secure long term independence from opinions.

Nintendo is a prestigious game developer that also provides hardware to play games from some of the biggest exclusive IP's in the world. We all know Mario, Zelda, Smash and Animal Crossing are in a league of their own, having sales number and faithful fans that will continue to enjoy their games for a long time. But Nintendo still does not support the fans and actually even works actively agains them. Examples being taking down hacks of old nintendo games, fan project and even actively working against tournaments like in the Melee case. But why that rigorous reaction to anything that fans do?

My hypothesis is the following:
Nintendo wants to stop fans from having any form of influence on the company to make sure they can continue as always and do not need to evolve further which is (in their opinion) a safer and more lucrative business model. This combined with some older perceptions results in the course of today.

Marketing has evolved over time and nowadays the easiest way to actually promote something has been specific ads to make sure that an already good base is going to buy the product in the near future. Youtube already did this with specific ads, but we already went a step further:
Youtubers and independet networks are the easiest source for information. As such they are able to completely destroy or rebuild the reputation of a game. A good example is No Man's Sky. For this I recommend to watch the Internet Historian video that showcases how sometimes the press was "too" negative for the video just to generate more views. Negavitism is absolutely real in journalism and something every company has at least partially to fear.

But the Nintendo fanbase is devoted and Nintendo only publishes the highest quality games, so do they even need to resort to such "badly" viewed tools. But this does not hold up anymore. Nintendo offers a good console, but less games overall. The number of system sellers has decreased as production time has increased. Smash, Animal Crossing, Zelda and Mario are sometimes even only marginal evolutions of games from the past or direct ports (like Mario Kart 8). And Nintendo even uses anti-consumer practices like the limited time run of 3D-Allstars to force consumers to buy their product now. Not to forget that Pokémon has reached a new low point in terms of actual quality in making of the games. I want to formulate the premise that Pokemon Sword and Shield has no high production values independently from it's success. So what is the purpose of this section?


The answer is that Nintendo is clearly intending to make sure they have the absolute control of their games. Past titles belong to Nintendo and we can not have the re-release standard for them as we should be thankful for them even rereleasing them for an above average market price. We should be thankful that they even release games for a console for a franchise we love because of past games, but we are not allowed to have an opinion. if something has been badly designed.
We can not have an online tournament for a game or mods for them as it is their product and if the question comes up why Nintendo does not improve their product to the same standard or can not compete with open-source netcode: the answer shall always be that Nintendo will do it's own thing and their standard is different from other companies. So we are not allowed to hold them to the same standard.

That sounds really negative and I want to express that Nintendo actually offers unique experiences and some of the highest quality games on the market. The problem is that Nintendo became "worse" over time to the consumer and actively wants to silence any critique, but goes more drastic ways than almost every big player in the market.

So why do I think that Nintendo is intending to work actively against content creators unless they are specificially willing to cooperate in any form and do as they say?
Because creators can be vocal and appeal to bases to accumulate and aggregate opinions. If Nintendo oversteps their boundaries they may will be faces with a Wii U situation at which many Nintendo fans actively expressed their disdain for their practices and their mishandling of a console.

I do not think that surpression will work, but I think that the conflict will escalate over time as Nintendo is not able to differentiate itself enough from PC, Sony and Microsoft over time (the Switch being dominated from games that are available on other consoles) and critique will become louder. It really depends on the next console, but if it is not a hit like the Switch, I would almost bet money that Nintendo will get a lot of flag from many fan bases and the methods either become more direct or they actually will change their course. The latter seems unlikely though.

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