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Not enjoying games because of expectations


I'm not talking about general expectations or expectations on how good a game will be as a whole. I'm talking about people having very specific expectations from a game or simply expecting the wrong things. Obviously if you have no expectations at all or have very low expectations, you will enjoy anything more.

I'm mostly going to use BotW as an example because it is my most played single player game.

First, I would like to acknowledge that every game has flaws because nothing is perfect. In BotW, it is obviously the weapon durability system and healing system. This makes direct combat in BotW less enjoyable than it could have easily been.

But there are people who put down BotW because of the low durability of the weapons. They simply couldn't enjoy direct combat in the early game. Now how can only the low durability discourage people from experiencing the masterpiece that is BotW? I think it was because of their expectations.

Some people expected a game that would make you feel epic killing all your enemies with a series of intricate, awesome-looking attacks or simply a badass maniac who destroys everything in his/her path. I can't find any other logical explanation than this.

BotW is primarily an adventure and exploration game. Action and puzzle are secondary. And adventure and exploration gives BotW aplenty. If the action wasn't good, it's ok because it isn't the main thing anyway.


Some others say that they felt no sense of progress because their weapons broke too fast. First, I could bet these people didn't play the game for more than 10 hours, and second, this game isn't a classic RPG, how can you even expect an RPG-like sense of progress from BotW….

(Some others said that the world of BotW was too 'sparse', I am sorry but I just can't comprehend).

Some Zelda fans didn't enjoy the game because for them, BotW wasn't a Zelda game. Again, wrong expectations. (Also, just for the sake of it, I played TLoZ (the first 1) since BotW was supposed to be a reimagining of it. I felt the same sense of exploration and adventure I felt in BotW even though I couldn't enjoy TLoZ fully for it was a bit too hard for me who had never played 2D games like those before).

Another example I can think of is the Pokemon community. The whole national dex war was just very specific expectations. But GF were at fault as well, I don't deny that.
But for the new Sinnoh remakes, the community expected a very specific art style, that is simply toxic.

If you don't agree with me, please don't dig a grave for me, I would love to hear your opinions.

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