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Not exactly an mmorpg, but better and closer than any I’ve played in years

Gamingtodaynews1g - Not exactly an mmorpg, but better and closer than any I’ve played in years

I searched the sub and I didn’t see anything on the topic, but I apologize if it has already been posted!

If, like me, you’re looking for something to sink your teeth into during this MMORPG drought, look no further than Mordhau. It’s available on steam for approximately $30. It is by far the most genuine fun I have had playing a video game in over half a decade (and may just prove to be my favorite video game of all time).

It is a medieval FPS in the vein of Chivalry, Mount and Blade, For Honor, etc. IMHO it is everything I wanted out of those games. The communities, the combat, the skill ceiling, the fluidity and the dev team are second to none. It takes me back to the days of Halo, CoD 4, CS:S, and even Vanilla WoW, etc.

Lately I have been bouncing between (mostly) BDO, Gloria Victus, Star Citizen, AoC (while it was up), Albion Online, and LoA/LoU. Since I discovered Mordhau (a few hours after release) writing this is actually the first time I’ve even thought of those games. I literally took two days off work and played for over 12 hours in a row stopping only to run to the fridge for another Pepsi.

What makes Mordhau so damn good (check out r/Mordhau)? For starters it is 100% skill based, so if you’re a tab target MMORPGer this game will probably not be for you. But for the rest of us that means we can learn, progress, and train for thousands of absolutely glorious hours. The character customization is great (while not on par with a game like BDO, it’s good enough the community has been able to make great characters from LOTR to GOT). You can customize the character models, the weapons and the armor (and yes, there are dyes). The best part? Everything is unlock-able ONLY through actually playing the game. THERE ARE NO MICROTRANSACTIONS OF ANY KIND CAN I GET AN AMEN. You unlock weapons, armor, dyes and cosmetics by simply enjoying the game.

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For the role players, this game is gold. Join a community dueling server and watch as self appointed referees begin a match between two opponents who bow before each bout. Watch as cavalry rush the ranks of the opposing force as archers and catapults try to help weaken the front lines to protect our precious resources. Be entertained as you watch Ned Stark duel Jaime Lannister on the frontlines, only to have Ned lose a leg to a blood thirsty spearman as a lute player nearby brings glory to his house.

It has PVP (obviously) and PVE in terms of a shockingly enjoyable horde mode that’s actually one of the quickest ways to earn gold in game.

Have I mentioned the devs? As an indie dev team they have put every AAA studio to shame. Within the first week or two they were the 4th highest played game on steam behind only Dota 2, PUBG and CS:GO. Yet between the community servers and constant hot-fixes the game remained playable since day one. They had troubles on the second or third day with the character progression and gold earning coming to an abrupt halt (even that didn’t cause a drop in the player count that I noticed) because of a big in the servers. By the next morning the bugs were fixed and a few days later a compensation package full of gold was released to each player. Oh, and the INDIE UE4 game runs smoothly at 60+ FPS on high on my 970m.

To;dr If you can’t tell highly recommend this stellar game with better optimization, character progression, gameplay and community than any MMORPG, MOBA or FPS that I have played in many, many years. Support the devs and join a surprisingly non-toxic community of chivalrous knights. All hail Hans. See you on the frontlines.

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