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“Objective focused” games that let you win by just killing the enemy. Latter seems to invalidate former.

Gamingtodaynews1g - "Objective focused" games that let you win by just killing the enemy. Latter seems to invalidate former.

If I'm not mistaken, the currently most well known example of this is probably Rainbow 6 Siege, so I'm going to use it as my example context. Just know I'm talking about any game containing the issue.

It's been a long time since I played Rainbow 6. Not for any pointed reason of choosing to leave, it just hasn't been "calling to me" so to speak. I have to figure the topic of this thread is largely the reason for that.

I remember that when I got R6, it was because it had been described as a "tactical objective based shooter" where rather than just having a CoD style death-match I'd win/lose matches by virtue of objectives. Hostages, bombs, all else. Definitely more appealing to me than aimless "run around twitch shooter" of games like CoD.

Sadly, that CoD experience is what I got. For all the hours I put into Siege, I almost never encountered any players, ally or enemy, who even acknowledged the existence of the objective. They all just ran off to play a game of death-match. I'd go to handle the objective, and be alone. I actually won some matches by extracting the hostage without ever seeing another player. That was rare though, what would usually happen was either my team would win by killing all the enemies as if the objective didn't exist before I could complete it, or since I was the only one trying to do the objective my team was killed off in a 4v5 somewhere else leaving me in a 1v5 to get nuked in. And they would proceed to flame me for doing the objective instead of joining the death-match. Yes, really, I had teammates flame me for doing the objective instead of pretending it didn't exist because "it's so much easier to win if we ignore the objective and just kill them." The worst part of that statement is it's accuracy.


After a while I didn't feel like Siege was any different from CoD. Just a death-match with no goals. I still kept trying to play the objective because, well, I'm me, but it just felt pointless. It felt like by being the only person trying to play the game I was the only one not playing the game. It felt like the objectives didn't exist, even as I was trying to do them.

Though I didn't talk about it back then (wasn't in this community yet) I eventually came to the conclusion behind this thread. You can't have an objective based game if it can be won by just killing off the enemy. Once you make it possible to win that way, the objective may as well be deleted. During the last bit of time I was actively playing Siege, I began to fantasize about them updating the game to have people re-spawn, because if they did then maybe I'd start seeing other players care about the objectives. Maybe then I'd have been playing an objective based tactical shooter. But unless the Siege community has undergone a major self correction since I left, that's not what it is.

So what about the lot of you?
Have you shared my experience of objective based games not actually having objectives because the ability to win through kills invalidated them? Did you wish as I did for changes to make that stop being the case? What can be done to prevent kills from invalidating objective focused game-play besides re-spawns, if there is in fact any other option (re-spawning is the only solution coming to mind as I type this)?

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