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Obscure Game Talk: Magic Pengel the Quest for Color

Gamingtodaynews1g - Obscure Game Talk: Magic Pengel the Quest for Color

I have a game that most of you have DEFINITELY never heard of, though you MAY have heard of it's marginally more well known sister game, Graffiti Kingdom. Both of these games are on PS2, and can be emulated if you desire.

TLDR: It's a rock-paper-scissors type RPG where you draw "doodles", magical animated drawings that you fight with, which technically makes it one of the most advanced customizable party games in the entire gaming industry due to how the system works, as you can draw quite literally anything you want (within the rough graphical limitations of the game, since you wont exactly be molding realistic people or anything), especially after unlocking more part types. You go through a simple but sweet story mode, engaging in battles in a tournament until reaching a climactic final battle against an emotional roller coaster of a final boss fight, and you effectively experience the simple but sweet story in it's entirety. It was an obscure PS2 game, and one I wish was more well known.

In Magic Pengel, you play as a nondescript avatar of nothing in first person as you draw these beings called 'Doodles', magical drawings brought to life, who can literally be whatever you desire them to be, especially once you unlock more "part types".

It's gameplay is centered around battles against other Doodles in either the main storyline (the tournament) or in the various side battles in the side arenas (and eventually post-game loop of battles in the tournament arena if you so desire). It's a rock paper scissors RPG that has decent challenge to it, though it CAN be slightly luck-based from time to time.

The story of the game centers around the aforementioned tournament, the prize being millions of golden gems (the currency, different from the Color Gems used to draw doodles) and from what I remember, other benefits for the winner as well. You encounter Zoey and her little brother Taro as you approach their little shack on the edge of the island town without a name at the beginning of the game. They fight in the tournament to secure the safety of their home so it doesn't get taken away by the Kingdom (which is also without a name) and it's officials. Winning the tournament, for them, is basically winning the money to keep on living at their little shore-side shack.


Along the way, more and more events take place, the plot thickens, and you eventually encounter a mysterious young man named Mono, who at first is not trusted by Zoey in the least, especially since he claims to have information about the two and their missing father, which is extremely suspicious to Zoey of course.

Eventually after some more combat and events that play out, you reach the finals, where you face off against several singular and extremely powerful doodle creatures who block your path to the top of the castle, which is this massive structure with power lines(?) jutting out of it that exists to study and create experimental doodles while acting as a base of operations for the corrupt kingdom itself. Fun fact, you never actually SEE the royal family. The kingdom is said to have a history for enslaving and exploiting doodles for their own gain since ancient times.

So the game ends after you defeat a spoiler heavy final boss, and it ends on an emotional final note in a hand drawn last cutscene, leaving you to now play the post-game in a loop, just engaging in battles and improving your doodles and generally messing around. Of course, there IS one last goal you can achieve, and that's obtaining one million golden gems. If you do this, you unlock a special set of boss fights that you can access through a doodle book called "Galileo's Book", which not only lets you refight every single boss from the castle, but you also get to fight numerous EXTREMELY HARD super bosses afterward, which really give you a run for your money.

Overall, the game is wonderful in every single way. It's kinda short, but oh so sweet, and while the plot is nothing deep or overly amazing, it's an emotional ride that will hopefully leave you touched by the end of the journey. Maybe if you find a rom of it, you can emulate it for your own experience with the game.

BONUS: I think the reason why the game is so simple and short is partially to blame on the surprisingly advanced customization system. There are ENDLESS customization possibilities, COUNTLESS potential models you can create, so most of the game's resources are spent on that exclusively, and thus is the reason why the game world and story are so small.

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