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On Shadowbanes Item Shop

Gamingtodaynews1b - On Shadowbanes Item Shop

There are 3 items in the game shop.

Concentrated Potions: Handy though certainly not required. Basically it is 5 of the games potions mixed into one. They were in game before and you bought them with in game gold. Now you can purchase 1 per from the shop. For that you get about 30 minutes benefit of health, stam and mana regen potions. The % of buff is limited and a lot less than your peers will be able to buff you once they have they trained their skills. So Conc Pots are only of real value at lower levels.

A Tree Seed: These are used to plant a Tree of Life from which you can found a town. Planting a tree (marking your spot) early isn't always an advantage. As once you plant a tree you are a target for anyone and everyone. Plus now you have a huge resource drain that often takes several guild mates to maintain. You need a guild to back you up after its planted. You need a guild to defend it. This is not a solo affair and if you try to tackle it alone, you will fail.

Purchase 10,000 in game game gold for 30 cents. Seems like a good deal and a real advantage right? Well it often takes well over 100k to train a character at the upper levels. Then it often takes several million to outfit a top character with gear. However, gold alone will not cut it. You need XP and other resources as well. You make gold and XP when farming with your guild/group. So you are already tackling this by playing the game. Then there is your town for those who choose to run one. Towns are not a solo player affair and it will take several of you to maintain it. Gold is not the only thing you require and having more players that are willing to defend it is far more important than gold. Gold won't stop other players from tearing it down.


The game is very old but the depth and inter-dependency of it's systems rivals a lot of modern games. You cannot leet your character, guild, town or nation on just Gold and Conc Potions.

The PvP relies on knowing the game skills, buffs, debuffs, powers, strengths and weaknesses of your character and the 12 races, 22 classes, 45 disciplines you will face. There are a myriad of builds for every class once you consider all the race, discipline, armor and jewellery options. You will earn 500 or so skill points and 300 attribute points to spend in any combination you can imagine.

So it may seem that spending some real cash to get in game gold is a good deal for those who have not played. But they will soon find that money doesn't help them in PvP and they will likely lose way more money to to PvP aces, thieves and pickpockets than they would ever consider buying.

The game once you graduate "noob island" is 100% full PvP, all areas are PvP all the time. New players running around with too much money is just what vets want to see. As it will make ganking them more profitable than usual. So yes, please spend a ton at the in game shop, as you'll probably be donating most of to vets very soon.

So there you go. This may terrify some of you and turn you completely off from the game. While some of you might delighted by the tales of ganking and taking these resources from other players. Now you at least know what you are dealing with since there isn't much information out there.

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