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On the idea of removing chores from MMOs.

Gamingtodaynews1f - On the idea of removing chores from MMOs.

Over the last few years, I have witnessed games adopting a 'chore system' which forces you to do daily grinds which have absolutely no real impact on the world nor form a challenge to the player doing it. These dailies, weeklies,… are sadly though, all attached to gear, reputation or other traits. Which makes it seem as if though the developers in their struggle to create a constant world, have created a system that forces you to play through these chores while rewarding you with said things.

I feel like with the existence of Moba's, BR's, Survival games,… We have seen a decline, or actually, a shift to these genres due to them providing MMORPG elements in a less chore-y environment. What we've also seen is that the development cycle of said genres are far shorter than building a meaningful world with meaningful objectives and again meaningful rewards. We can see how WoW tried to do this with Assaults that had some kind of reason or goal. However in the end it still didn't bring any merits. Even though they added that meaning the game feels repetitive to say the least. I personally still reckon WoW as the most advanced MMORPG out there, yet it sadly feels lackluster in terms of giving you a reason to play except to get attached to a meaningless grind from which you wake up and never want to be part of again.

With this thread I just wanted to state that the idea of chores is something game developers need to contest. It's something that has to change in order to provide a new paradigm for MMORPGs in this new decade. I am curious as to what New World will turn into, however right now optimism is something that's hard to find. Because the community that left after the decline and mass-migration from this genre to these more 'contained' and 'faster' RPG genres. The community has become hard stuck on small debates such as "if it has no open world pvp I'm out!" or "if it has open world pvp i'm out!", and yes I said these debates are small and meaningless. I have been playing PvP games for more than a decade, the actual PvP rests not in its open world PvP but its more meaningful and impactfull PvP. Whether this having world effects or social effects. One game that does this really well is, again, WoW. WoW has shown supremacy in this genre by flirting with both sides of the community. The arena system of WoW is competitive and I'd say easily rival these 'contained' RPG games that we see today on its own. The same applies to M+ PvE.

If we look at some of the 'newer' games we can see that they've tried to replicate this system, but as they replicated this system they also replicated the negatives of this game. In their quest of bringing a promising MMORPG that was better than WoW they only ended up creating a game that was basically WoW with worse lore and polish.


So I think it is time to move from this system, it has only been leading to the downfall of MMORPGs as a general. What we need is not to create an MMORPG that hooks you up because else you become irrelevant, but an MMORPG that allows social bonding which evidently hooks you up to the game through a more meaningful game. I believe MMORPGs should stop selling content for the sake of content and start selling an environment that can possibly host such social circles. A system that doesn't force group, but encourages this type of game.

To add to the last part, I think MMORPG players are often people who have very few friends that play games, like me. I am someone with a complete different taste to gaming compared to all of my friends, and during my journey through various MMOs and especially MMOs rebuilt as private servers I've met people that really added incredible flavor to that journey. I think that flavor is more important than the game itself in most scenario's. I support this idea with my experience through this genre in which people always closely watch the current population and jump ship at slight declines as in not to invest time in a dying game. Which usually speeds up the progress of death. I am also guilty, albeit, I don't see this as a sin, as I believe that the in-game society is what really makes the game fun for me.

Migration will always lead to more migration and the inevitable death to games that want to cater to social groups. This is the hardest part of this whole thing. Games such as WoW, BDO,… use addicting elements to hook you up. Which makes the more social platforms such as Classic wow for example inevitably lose. There is a reason why Classic WoW becomes an ever growing game as a private server but turns into an ever declining game as it is re-introduced to the large public.

It's' because the moment the population overgrows and the players start realizing that this isn't the WoW/BDO/ArcheAge/Rift that addicts them through content they jump ship. And as the social players realize that a lot of people are jumping ship, they also start migrating. Which is the point I try to make. The actually MMORPGs we are looking for never exist, because there is no trust among the community and towards the developers. Which has its obvious reasons.

There's a need for a huge paradigm shift in this genre, I think this can only be brought through an incredibly successful game to which the community really sticks. The way the community had stuck to FF14( A game that sadly also suffers from WoW like problems).

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