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On This Day in Nintendo History: Kirby’s Dream Land 2; Wario Land 3; Game Boy Advance; F-Zero: Maximum Velocity; Fire Emblem and more

Gamingtodaynews1f - On This Day in Nintendo History: Kirby's Dream Land 2; Wario Land 3; Game Boy Advance; F-Zero: Maximum Velocity; Fire Emblem and more

On this day (March 21) in Nintendo history…

  • Kirby's Dream Land 2 was released in 1995 for the Game Boy in Japan. In this platform game, developed by HAL Laboratory, Kirby returns and has joined forces with new friends in this thrilling sequel! The Rainbow Bridges that connect the seven Rainbow Islands have disappeared! Help Kirby solve the mystery! Search through the different islands while battling King DeDeDe and his horde of evil minions. Along the way, meet Rick the Hamster, Kine the Fish, and Coo the Owl.

  • Kirby Super Star (known as Kirby's Fun Pak in PAL territories) was released in 1996 for the Super Famicom in Japan. In this action/platforming game, developed by HAL Laboratory, prepare yourself for the ultimate Kirby combo: not one, not two, but six games in one! Kirby's Fun Pak features half a dozen unique adventures, plus additional modes and minigames, starring the powerful pink hero with the uncanny ability to copy the powers of his enemies.

  • Pokémon Snap was released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64 in Japan. In this first-person rail shooter/simulation game, developed by HAL Laboratory with Pax Softnica, have you ever wanted to see Pikachu in its natural habitat? In Pokémon Snap, you will capture lots of Pokémon found in the wild – now with a Poké Ball, but with a camera! Some shots are easy, like snapping Pikachu relaxing on the beach, but others are much more difficult, such as taking the picture of Pikachu riding on the back of a rare, flying Pokémon!

  • Wario Land 3 was released in 2000 for the Game Boy Color in Japan. In this platforming/Metroidvania game, developed by Nintendo R&D1, once again, greed has got the better of Wario. Trapped inside a mystical music box, Wario must find a way to break free… while grabbing all the loot he can find along the way, of course! Wario Land 3 is a huge platform adventure with day and night versions of each level, 100 treasures to discover, plus bags of secrets and the typically wacky Wario humour!

  • The Game Boy Advance (GBA) was released in 2001 in Japan. Developed by Nintendo R&E, this 32-bit handheld video game console is the successor to the Game Boy Color. The GBA was part of the sixth generation of video game consoles. The original model did not have an illuminated screen; Nintendo addressed that with the release of a redesigned model with a frontlit screen, the Game Boy Advance SP, in 2003. Contrary to the previous Game Boy models, which were all following the "portrait" form factor of the original Game Boy (designed by Gunpei Yokoi), the Game Boy Advance was designed in a "landscape" form factor, putting the buttons to the side of the device instead of below the screen. A newer revision of the aforementioned redesign was released in 2005, which included a backlit screen. The final redesign, the Game Boy Micro, was released in 2005. As of June 30, 2010, the Game Boy Advance series has sold 81.51 million units worldwide. Its successor, the Nintendo DS, was released in November 2004 and is also compatible with Game Boy Advance software.

  • F-Zero: Maximum Velocity was released in 2001 for the Game Boy Advance in Japan. In this racing game, developed by Nd Cube, the famous futuristic racing series that originated on Super Nintendo hit Game Boy Advance with supersonic force in this high-speed title! F-Zero: Maximum Velocity brings brand new vehicles and unique tracks packed with deadly tight turns, stomach-churning speed boosts and gravity-defying jumps.

  • Kuru Kuru Kururin was released in 2001 for the Game Boy Advance in Japan. In this puzzle game, developed by Eighting, steady your hands and steel your nerves for a challenging game. Kuru Kuru Kururin puts you in control of a rotating helicopter that must be carefully manoeuvred through increasingly tight and tricky labyrinthine levels. Avoid the walls and obstacles, or you'll lose previous time and lives, as you try to reach the goal. It starts simple but soon you'll be facing moving pistons, floating spikes and all manner of dangers.

  • Super Mario Advance was released in 2001 for the Game Boy Advance in Japan. In this platformer remake, developed by Nintendo R&D4, the NES's Super Mario Bros. 2 returns with an enhanced version unique to GBA, with new features not present in the original, and improved graphics and sound. Play as Mario, Luigi, Toad or Peach, and escape the mysterious land of Subcon. Unlike other Mario games where Mario defeats enemies by jumping on their heads, in this game Mario and pals have to pick up items and hurl 'em at their adversaries.

  • Napoleon was released in 2001 for the Game Boy Advance in Japan. In this real-time strategy game, developed by Genki, you take the role of the French general Napoleon and his commanders, as they roll over Europe and Africa, conquering territories and defeating enemy armies. Build your armies defences and capture cities or other buildings to strengthen your position or acquire new units. Taking a port, for example, allows you to build ships and attack the enemy by sea.

  • Pokémon Tetris was released in 2002 for the Pokémon mini in Japan. In this puzzle game, developed by Nintendo, Pokémon and Tetris – two of the greatest gaming sensations ever created – now these two behemoths of spare-time sapping playability meet. Retains the addictive Tetris gameplay but adds a unique Pokémon twist. As before, you must arrange the different shapes of falling blocks so they form a solid line across the screen – which causes them to disappear. Pulling off a Tetris move allows you to catch Pokémon.

  • Fire Emblem was released in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance in Japan. In this tactical role-playing game, developed by Intelligent Systems, take charge of a makeshift army and transform them into a formidable fighting unit. A gripping storyline, memorable characters and red-hot gameplay will keep you enthralled from the get-go. With a range of different character classes, and factors such as terrain and weather, Fire Emblem's huge array of scenarios can be tackled in many different ways.

  • WarioWare, Inc.: Minigame Mania (known in North America as WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$) was released for the Game Boy Advance in Japan. In this action/rhythm game, developed by Nintendo R&D1, more than 200 wacky microgames are packed in, each very simple but played at lightning-fast speed, from hitting a baseball to picking a disembodied nose. Complete multiple microgames in succession, and beat the boss, to clear each stage.

What are you favourite memories of these games? How do you think they hold up today? Hash it out in the comments.

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