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On This Day in Nintendo History: Mario’s Bombs Away; Super Spike V’Ball; Custom Robo V2; Mario Party 5; True Swing Golf and more

Gamingtodaynews1b - On This Day in Nintendo History: Mario's Bombs Away; Super Spike V'Ball; Custom Robo V2; Mario Party 5; True Swing Golf and more

On this day (November 10) in Nintendo history…

  • Mario's Bombs Away was released in 1983 for the Game & Watch Panorama Sreen in Japan. In this action game, developed by Nintendo R&D1, Mario is in the army and has to carry a bomb from his buddy on the left to another buddy on the right. As he goes, enemies try to use torches to light the bomb, while the Heavy Smoker's discarded cigar butts set fire to the oil spill beneath Mario's feet. Mario has to move the bomb up and down to dodge all the flames.

  • Super Spike V'Ball was released in 1989 for the Family Computer in Japan. In this sports game, developed by Technos Japan, the player can select their teams. The available pairs in the single-player mode are: George and Murphy, the default well-balanced team; Al and John, powerful, but slow players with poor defensive skills; Billy and Jimmy (the heroes of the Double Dragon series), defensive players with poor spiking power; and Ed and Michael, fast players with average hitting power.

  • Custom Robo V2 was released in 2000 for the Nintendo 64 in Japan. In this action role-playing game, developed by Noise, one year after the events of Custom Robo, the battle scene has continued to improve. You receive Ray II in a competition, so you set out to prove yourself against the master battlers of the Takuma Training Academy. As you defeat opponents' Robos in arenas, you win parts for your Robo. You can now choose from a whole range of Robos in the story mode, including from the new Power and Jumper lines.

  • Mario Party 5 was released in 2003 for the Nintendo GameCube in North America. In this party game, developed by Hudson Soft, Mario and his closes friends are trying to restore peace to Dream World by racing around a collection of all-new game boards – and tons of surprises await! The new game sports new game boards, more than 60 new mini-games, new playable characters, an expanded one-player mode and, of course, the multi-player madness that made it famous in the first place.

  • True Swing Golf (known in PAL territories as Nintendo Touch Golf: Birdie Challenge) was released in 2005 for the Nintendo DS in Japan. In this sports game, developed by T&E Soft, fancy a round? With beautifully designed fairways and greens (and some not quite so lovely sandtraps and areas of rough), this is as glorious a game of Golf as you'll find on Nintendo DS. And unlike the real thing, you don't have to worry about losing your balls for good! Use the touch screen and stylus to take a swing.

  • A fifth wave of The Legend of Zelda amiibo Figures was released in 2017 worldwide and included Mipha – Zora Champion; Daruk – Goron Champion; Revali – Rito Champion and Urbosa – Gerudo Champion.

What are you favourite memories of these games? How do you think they hold up today? Hash it out in the comments.

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