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On This Day in Nintendo History: Satoru Iwata; Green House; Mega Man 4; Kururin Paradise; Super Smash Bros. amiibo

Gamingtodaynews1g - On This Day in Nintendo History: Satoru Iwata; Green House; Mega Man 4; Kururin Paradise; Super Smash Bros. amiibo

On this day (December 6) in Nintendo history…

  • Satoru Iwata was born in 1959 in Sapporo, Japan. A Japanese businessman, video game programmer and gamer. He was the fourth president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Nintendo. He is widely regarded as a major contributor in broadening the appeal of video games to a wider audience by focusing on novel and entertaining games rather than top-of-the-line hardware. Iwata expressed interest in video games from an early age and created his first simple game while in high school. In June 2014, a tumour in Iwata's bile duct was discovered during a routing physical exam. It was removed, and Iwata returned to work in October of that year. The problem resurfaced in 2015, and Iwata died at the age of 55 from its complications on July 11. Members of the gaming industry and fans alike offered tributes through public announcements and social media, and fans worldwide established temporary memorials. Iwata was posthumously awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2015 Golden Joystick Awards and the 2016 DICE Awards.

  • Green House was released in 1982 for the Game & Watch Multi Screen in Japan. In this action game, developed by Nintendo R&D1, creepy crawlies are trying to eat the flowers in the greenhouse. Spiders creep towards the flowers on the bottom screen while inchworms crawl across the top screen. Move the Fumigator between the two screens and spray the bugs before they reach the flowers. When you spray a spider and it takes a step back you score 1 point, while killing the spider scores 3 points.

  • Mega Man 4 was released in 1991 for the Family Computer in Japan. In this action adventure game, developed by Capcom, a new robotic terror has gripped the city! It's up to Mega Man to save the day again! A year after the destruction of Gamma, and Dr. Wily's defeat, the world is still at peace. One day a mysterious letter arrives for Dr. Light from an unknown scientist named Dr. Mikhail Cossack. Dr. Cossack plans to eliminate Mega Man and prove he is the greatest robot designer of all time.

  • Kururin Paradise was released in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance in Japan. In this action/puzzle game, developed by Eighting, a magic troupe is visiting Kururin's quiet village and everyone is excited. When the day came, Kururin overslept and missed it. But when his family didn't return, he set off in the Helirin to find them. Pilot the Helirin through each stage's narrow corridors without letting the propeller blades touch walls or obstacles. If you hit three obstacles then the Helirin shatters.

  • A second wave of Super Smash Bros. amiibo Figures was released in 2014 in Japan and included Zelda; Diddy Kong; Luigi; Little Mac; Pit and Captain Falcon.

What are you favourite memories of these games? How do you think they hold up today? Hash it out in the comments.

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