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Online video games are terrible

Gamingtodaynews1e - Online video games are terrible

Just a note, I do not want to say everyone but me in video games is toxic. I'm simply saying my experiences.

I started playing video games on console (including portable ones) when I was in primary school, and I mostly played alone. Occasionally would play with some family members but mostly played alone, and I enjoyed it. Eventually my consoles and games broke and I turned to online gaming instead, and it has killed my passion for games in general and has made me weary of trying them and I just end up being bitter after my experiences in them. The issue is almost never about the game itself that made me stop playing it, but the community around it.

The toxicity and the cliquish nature of online video games just makes it hard to socialise, since the nature of it being online many times demand socialisation. Maybe it's because I'm naturally a loner but I often get burnt out on online video games that demand you play with others. I either have to make it a point to refuse socialisation with people in games to preserve my sanity (and at that point, I question why do I have to go at such lengths to make it comfortable) or become burnt out of the nature of the community of the game and never return again. It makes it hard to find friends, and I try, but I really never fit in and make friends I feel comfortable enough to play with, and I end up not finding anyone and just leaving the game because I'm tired of dealing with impudent and perverse people and also tired of the "gg ez" "git gud" etc nature of online game communities which makes it unbearable to play for me.


I like video games, but my experience in online video games has left me very bitter. It makes trying to find games hard since so many are becoming online these days. I pretty much now only seek ones that I can play by myself or where I don't have to interact with anyone except for gameplay in a versus. It makes me feel like I'm missing out, or just simply am just too maladjusted to cope with the communities of games I try to play. It becomes too much of it, and too hard to avoid because of the lack of friends.

Note2: I played console from like ps2 ~ xbox 360 (including portables like gameboy, psp etc). Xbox 360 at some point broke, and my family needed to conserve money so when they went haywire there wasnt really any fast replacement of them, and I already had so many games on the older systems like PS2 as well. It took me a hell of a long time for example to even get a PS3, and that was well years after PS4 was made. I found pc gaming to be less expensive since I could crack most of the games I wanted and I already had internet.

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