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Opinion on Mario 3D all stars (Reupload of my post in r/gaming)

Gamingtodaynews1e - Opinion on Mario 3D all stars (Reupload of my post in r/gaming)

I really wanted the game because Mario Galaxy was one of my favorite games when I was a child. So, I bought him (it was actually the first game I bought by myself, I'ts weird to be a grownup).

I'm gonna say what I think about the game. You have the right to think I'm wrong, of course.

First, I think the game is a little expensive. 45-50€ max would be right (I use €, I'm French) for 3 old games, including one you can easily find (only on PC, thought) for free, AND was already remaked.

With the 3 games (wich, for those who don't know, are 64, Sunshine and Galaxy) you have the games OST. With today's general acces to youtube, it's not very use, but the intention was right.

Now, I'm gonna talk about each game one by one:

Mario 64: The game really looks great. The textures are not compressed anymore, so it's better than the original, without losing the charm of the old graphics; Mario looks a little like the 64 outfit of Mario Odyssey (I said a little), wich is really satisfiying. In other than that, the game is still the same, but there's 3 negative points for me:

-The fact that it's the patched version that was avaible in japan: it's nice for casual people who won't encounter bugs, but I feel sad for hardcore players who can't glitch or BLG anymore. Just for that, the game isn't compatible for speedruning.

-The game is in 4/3. Some fans were able to put the crack version of it in 16/9, and the Sunshine version that is in 3D all stars is in 16/9, even if the original was in 4/3. It's not THAT bad, but it woul've been cool.

-I understand that Nintendo wanted to pleasure the old fans, but it would've been a good idea, maybe, the DS version. Less people played it, there's more content and playing it without the awful (in my opinion) digital pad of the DS would've been really good


Sunshine: It was the first time I played it, and even if he doesn't have a very good reputation, I enjoyed it. Since I can't really compare the remake with the original without experience it, I'll just say that the game looks really better than the gameplays I've seen. The recent update that allows players to use a Gamecube controller (like in Smash), is a very good thing of Nintendo, even if it's a little late (reminder that you can buy the game only for some months by now).

Galaxy: It was basically the reason why I bought the game. The game looks really great, to be honest. The principal challenge for Nintendo here was to make the game doable without the Wiimote; for the whole game, a cursor is present, and is very important to collecr and use star fragments, a thing such as water for Sunshine. The joy-con motion control is good, such as the pro controller's, even if I have an offset feeling with it. Finally, the digital cursor, for portable using, is not that bad, but it's easy to mess up with it: shoot fragments instead of collecting them, aiming errors… maybe it's a real problem, maybe it was just me… I don't know

My global feeling is that I really liked this collection, the same way that people surely liked the first Mario collection, years ago. The big default is that Nintendo maybe had a lack of efforts to make the game, some ads and things like this would've been nice. That results in the fact that it looks like the whole thing is a cash-grab game for fans… and as I said, 59.99€ is a little too expensive for a cash-grab game.

If you enjoyed these games years ago, you'll surely enjoy them now. Even if there is a lack of some things (Since the game won't be buyable soon, there's little hope for an other update), I recommand you to buy the game… if you're not scared of overpay something

That's all folks ! See you soon, have a nice day !

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