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[Opinion] What I want to see from the recent leaks

Gamingtodaynews1e - [Opinion] What I want to see from the recent leaks

Recently there have been several leaks related to Nintendo's partnership with iQue, this week we saw the second and third waves of data dumps and it seems that whoever is responsible is on a lot of data. I wanted to make this thread to discuss what I personally hope to see from these leaks. However, I understand that this person is doing is something bad and my intention is not to encourage this kind of behavior. That being said…

Nintendo's SNES ROM database: In the second wave of data, the leaker dumped Ninendo's library of NES and Famicom ROMs. These ROMs are in a split format that is meant for cartridges and lack a header to be used in emulators. The complete NES library is already widely available so this isn't such a big deal. However, there are some games from the SNES library that are currently believed to be lost to time. They were games meant for the Satellaview in Japan, if nobody has a Satellaview cart with the games downloaded than there is no way to recover them. I remember 10 years ago someone found a cart that had a few missing Kirby games and it ended up getting sold to a private collector who never dumped the data. Nintendo likely has backups of the complete library, and for the sake of preservation I would like to see these get released. The SNES also had a BSX broadcast service in Japan, as well as a special kind of cartridge that could be loaded with up to 6 games and rewritten any time from special kiosks. Anything that's missing, I want to see.


Hardware schematics: This is a lot less likely, but I would love to see hardware schematics released for the NES and SNES. I prefer to play with original hardware, but when the PPU on these devices eventually fail the only way to repair it is to take the PPU from another NES or SNES. I am not aware of any efforts to reverse engineer the PPU on these systems, so it would be great if we could see some hardware info.

What I hope not to see: Source code of any games written in high level languages. Basically, I don't want to see source code for N64 games or Gamecube games get released (I am aware some was already released). Because these are written in high level languages it would be relatively easy to port them to other hardware. This isn't such a big deal with NES or SNES games because they are written in Assembly which is a low level language that is specific to the hardware. You cannot create a port to modern hardware using assembly code. You CAN rewrite that code in another language like Square did for the Mana series on Switch, but that takes more work so I think it's less likely that someone would do that. Basically I don't want to see anyone porting games that Ninteno could still profit from. Nintendo clearly isn't profiting from old BSX/Satellaview/SNES Memory Card kiosk games anymore, or NES/SNES hardware sales, so I'm not really worried about that stuff getting leaked. NES and SNES ROMs are another story but those are already all over the internet.

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