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Opinions regarding an MMO concept – feedback wanted!

Gamingtodaynews1b - Opinions regarding an MMO concept - feedback wanted!

I've been mulling over what I feel is missing from current MMORPGs and have been conceptualizing designs that would rectify what I believe to lacking in the current MMO market. I know that my ideas on the direction an MMO should take are of course not held by every fan of the genre, which is why I would love to hear feedback, both positive and negative, in the hopes of gaining some insight into concepts that I may not or be able to take into account due to my own bias.

Forewarning – this is going to be a long post. I've spaced it out to make copy pasting easier and clearer should you pick apart something specific and want to comment on it.

Core concept: An MMORPG inspired in part by several fictional media sources. Best way to describe it would be Eve Online + Xenogears + Avatar: The Last Air Bender.

Design goals: – "Classless" based character growth system and a breaking of the trinity of Tank/Damage/DPS.

  • Character growth system designed to be engaging in gameplay more so than in menus (I.E. Talent tree and standard gearing systems)

  • Story developed to set-up the world more so than telling a developer lead story line. The story should come from the players and their interactions over a predetermined story, avoiding paint-by-numbers story beats and allowing developers so focus creating other types of content. While the world in which it takes place is supported by lore, the world itself tells the story – not walls of text.

  • Sandbox in design with no questing.

  • Focus on letting the players experiment and explore, retaining the sense of discovery in the face of mystery.

  • no pre-designed raiding or dungeon like content, although there are over methods by which to obtain player power.

  • While over enemies may drop occasional equipment, the real items players look for in drops are crafting items.

  • Heavy focus on crafting to the point in which crafting is the method by which endgame character power is obtained.

  • Outside of looking for crafting items via standard PvE, crafting items are obtained through players who focus on gathering via the environment.

  • ALL items on a character and in their inventory are dropped upon death. However, because of a focus on crafting over random pve drops, everything can be replaced.

  • ALL items are tradable, despite if you've used them or not, leading to a player driven economy.

  • Systems designed to nurture server / world identity via Guilds and fighting over resources / land.

  • Systems designed to promote the creation of guilds. Guild built towns and gameplay systems which promote working together. While towns aren't as customizable as games like survival games, retain enough customizability to promote strategy and growth.

  • Slower, more methodical pace to combat. The game rewards strategic thinking skills over twitch based gameplay. Not designed to be a massive loot drop game where clearing a dungeon or group of PvE enemies is the endgame.

  • Readability. PvP in MMOs tend to not be fun to watch as a viewer unless you know the game extensively. Watching icons for buffs / debuffs is not fun.

  • You should be able to tell by looking at the player's character what they can and can't do. Instead of focusing on reading statistics or icons, the design revolves around reading the actual character models.

  • A players abilities and equipment determine what a player can or can't do. All abilities and equipment should be visible on the character model itself – if you have a buff or debuff, there should be an animation for that.

  • Equipment varied by design so that at a glance you know what they are capable of in a fight. Think: Sniper rifle over a hand gun.

Like I said, long post but I'd love to hear any and all feedback.

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