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Outer Wilds – Review Thread

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Game Information

Game Title: Outer Wilds


  • PC (May 30, 2019)
  • Xbox One (May 30, 2019)
  • PlayStation 4 (Oct 15, 2019)


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Developer: Mobius Digital

Publisher: Annapurna Interactive

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic – 87 average – 84% recommended – 35 reviews

Critic Reviews

AreajugonesVíctor RodríguezSpanish9.2 / 10

Outer Wilds is one of the greatest surprises we have received. A game that mixes exploration with a Groundhog Day-like scheme and a charismatic narrative to give, as a result, something truly unique. A hidden gem that everyone should try.

Bloody Disgusting

andrew king - Outer Wilds - Review Thread

Andrew King –
review outer wilds wonderfully weird mysterious space adventure - Outer Wilds - Review Thread4 / 5 stars

Complaining about Outer Wilds inscrutability is a little like criticizing Rome because you don’t know which sights to see. Do a measly Google search. Mobius Digital has, at times, erred on the side of giving players too little information. But, as a result, they have created a world that casts you as Isaac Newton. They are eagerly waiting for you to discover its gravity.

COGconnectedRicky Knight91 / 100

There’s so much to talk about that most of it is truly best left unsaid, as your path to these discoveries will be very much your own. I hope bigger games take some of Outer Wilds’ design lessons to heart. There’s nothing quite like it right now and there should be.

DestructoidJosh Tolentino9 / 10

Outer Wilds proves there's still a sense of genuine adventure to be gained from games that commit to a set, fixed structure and design, rather than the kind of sprawling, endless expanses many contemporary titles set out to become. Playing it brought to mind my favorite bits of Dr. Seuss' Oh, The Places You'll Go…except with more of the sun exploding.

Digital Chumps
Eric Layman –
outer wilds review - Outer Wilds - Review Thread9.5 / 10

Outer Wilds' compact clockwork universe does more with twenty-two minutes than its spacefaring peers can imagine in a lifetime. It treats curiosity as a Möbius strip and trusts its network of divine secrets will drive the player toward a reasoned conclusion. By turning away from the zeitgeist, Outer Wilds' sublime presence can only be defined as otherworldly.

DualShockers – Ricky Frech – 8.5 / 10

Outer Wilds takes you on a wonderful mystery through a hand-crafted solar system that is well worth a visit.

EurogamerEdwin Evans-ThirlwellRecommended

There's a twofold joy to Outer Wilds – the thrill of discovery itself, as you slowly decipher the variables that swirl around each not-so-distant world, and of seeing that thrill reflected in a phrase scribbled centuries ago by some castaway alien boffin.

Game InformerJavy Gwaltney7.8 / 10

Outer Wilds offers an incredible world filled with memorable moments, but the experience is hamstrung by poorly implemented puzzles and wonky systems

Game Revolution

jason faulkner - Outer Wilds - Review Thread

Jason Faulkner – 4.5 / 5 stars

As someone who loves adventure and puzzle games, Outer Wilds was a match made in heaven.

GameSpewKim Snaith8 / 10

Each new discovery or observation brings with it a real sense of joy and wonder and the pleasing notion that you’re the first person to behold each particular oddity.

GameSpotAlessandro Barbosa9 / 10

Outer Wilds is a poignant space explorer with an emotionally engrossing tale set across a condensed but wildly surprising solar system.


thomas pillon - Outer Wilds - Review Thread

Thomas Pillon – French
3435 outer wilds pc xb1 mac - Outer Wilds - Review Thread9 / 10

Outer Wilds is simply a wonderful and brilliant space exploration adventure. Inside an hand-crafted solar system, the game is an ode to adventure and curiosity where you journey through space, trying to understand the stakes of a quantic situation.

Lawrence Le –
little big universe outer wilds review - Outer Wilds - Review Thread85 / 100

A tale straight from our childhood tree forts—Outer Wilds will reawaken the passion for exploration that you thought you lost.

Geeks Under Grace

joe morgan - Outer Wilds - Review Thread

Joe Morgan –
review outer wilds - Outer Wilds - Review Thread6.5 / 10

Outer Wilds is a big, beautiful game spanning an entire solar system that celebrates discovery while, at the same time, slaps you in the mouth for getting too curious.

God is a GeekMick Fraser8 / 10

Outer Wilds is good-looking and quite unique in its subgenre, and there's a compelling, intriguing mystery to solve that will keep you guessing as you progress across the galaxy


mike epstein - Outer Wilds - Review Thread

Mike Epstein –
outer wilds review - Outer Wilds - Review Thread8.4 / 10

Exploring the uncharted worlds of Outer Wilds feels like a true adventure in ways most games never achieve.


IGN ItalyDavide ManciniItalian
8.7 / 10

Outer Wild is a brilliant Sundance Sci-Fi experience, with a perfect balance between space exploration, mystery solving and storytelling. The solar system designed by Mobius Digital is an outstanding playground, full of odd surprises and unique events. Above all, is a place worth to explore and it's perfectly integrated into the time loop structure of the game. If you love to feel a genuine sense of discovery and adventure, it's definitely your game.

kotaku - Outer Wilds - Review ThreadKotaku
Maddy MyersUnscored

Outer Wilds is not a power fantasy. It is a game about discovering how little power you have, and how maybe that isn’t as scary as you might initially have thought. The galaxy is huge, but you can still make your mark on a small part of it.

PC Gamer
Phil Savage –
outer wilds review - Outer Wilds - Review Thread89 / 100

Beneath its charming and inventive worlds, Outer Wilds hides a cleverly unfolding mystery.


kenneth araullo - Outer Wilds - Review Thread

Kenneth Araullo – 10 / 10

If I ever find myself in my own closed time-loop, I’d wish for me to play the Outer Wilds, but with the added bonus of forgetting about it, just so I can experience it all over again. It’s that good, and the first true title that I could say is a 'must-play' for 2019.


colin campbell - Outer Wilds - Review Thread

Colin Campbell –

I encounter other space explorers of my own kind. They are bizarre, likable clue-givers who provide moments of comic relief. I perpetrate no violence in this game. I am never required to fire a laser gun or grapple with enemies. (How few are the games, set in space, that absent themselves from combat.) Yet, the worlds I visit can be hostile, releasing their secrets with the greatest reluctance.

rock paper shotgun - Outer Wilds - Review Thread
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

outer wilds review - Outer Wilds - Review Thread


Ultimately, it’s the planets that make this game what it is. Worlds full of mysteries and anomalies. To me they are proof that there is still no substitute for handcrafting your virtual realms.

Screen RantCorey Hoffmeyer4.5 / 5 stars

Outer Wilds is a time-bending thrill ride that never ceases to amaze.

Slant Magazine

aaron riccio - Outer Wilds - Review Thread

Aaron Riccio – 5 / 5 stars

This is a rare adventure game in which the journey is actually more of a reward than the destination.

SomosXboxSpanish8.8 / 10

Outer Wilds is one of the biggest surprises of the year, without any doubt. An easy adventure to recommend for its ingenious proposal and pleasant ambience, but it may be that few get to devote the necessary effort to understand the operation of its narrative and gameplay.

TechRaptorRichard Costa9 / 10

Outer Wilds is a triumphant first-person exploration adventure with innovative (quantum) physics puzzles. More than that, it's a microcosm in itself that pleads to be explored and untangled in its minutiae.

TheSixthAxisThomas Hughes9 / 10

At its core, Outer Wilds is a game about exploration, knowledge and experimentation. It's the sum of all those parts and more, perfectly blending them together to create one of the most fascinating games of this generation. Outer Wilds proves a micro – as opposed to a macro – take on space exploration works just as well, if not better.


chris jecks - Outer Wilds - Review Thread

Chris Jecks – 4 / 5

If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air and fancy venturing out into space for a laid back exploration and a damned good time, Outer Wilds should be your first port of call.

Jake Green –
outer wilds review - Outer Wilds - Review Thread5 / 5 stars

Outer Wilds is easily my game of the year thus far, and continues to move up the list of my personal favorite games of all time. It's an experience I genuinely cannot stop thinking about, managing to encompass everything I love about the adventure gaming genre and the smart sci-fi musings of my all-time favorite authors. The few negatives brought on by the time loop at the game's core are universally outweighed by the pioneering spirit cultivated throughout. I urge you to seek out Outer Wilds if you can, if only to try out what is surely one of the greatest adventure games ever created.

Video ChumsA.J. Maciejewski3 / 5 stars

Enjoying Outer Wilds depends on your willingness to read guides and discuss the game online. Otherwise, you'll probably feel like you're regularly hitting your head on a brick wall as you try to make just an inch of progress.

WccftechNathan Birch7 / 10

Outer Wilds gets most of the "big picture" stuff right. It boasts a solid structure, wonderfully imaginative planets, and an involving slow-burn mystery. Unfortunately, clunky controls, a few irritating design choices, and a multitude of other little issues bring the game back down to earth. If you value originality over execution, Outer Wilds is worth the ride, but expect some turbulence.

Worth Playing
Chris "Atom" DeAngelus8.5 / 10

Outer Wilds is a genuinely delightful experience with a lot of bright points. It somehow manages to take the idea of a game about repeatedly dying in terrible ways and makes it enjoyable, relaxing and enthusiastic. It won't be a game for everyone due to its self-guided nature and its focus on puzzling things out for yourself, but it's exactly the game it needs to be. If you long for the space travel that No Man's Sky couldn't provide, give Outer Wilds a shot. It might not have a billion worlds, but each one is worth a visit.

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