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Over the past couple years, I’ve become thoroughly convinced that people don’t want a “New MMO” and want another WoW

Gamingtodaynews1f - Over the past couple years, I've become thoroughly convinced that people don't want a "New MMO" and want another WoW

A lot of titles were brought out and many either died, are barely able to keep a hold, or didn't even make it out the door before getting the Axe. Despite all this, there are laments over games like Wild Star and….hold on, I'll think of something *flips through notes.*


Probably not, I don't know what people are sad to have the doors shut on except for one of the stranger ideas that was WS. I played a bit, was okay, thought being a zombie was cool. Other than that, it didn't click with me.

Anyway, you had SkySaga which I loved that was shut down, Maplestory 2 which started strong before going vertical, and I highly, highly, HIGHLY doubt a League MMO is going to even survive the first few months to a year which is where I believe the original problem comes in. People want another World of Warcraft, proof is that Classic WoW blew everything out of the water, burning crusade on its way is going to guarantee that some names coming out are going to struggle if not flat line on release.

Corepunk, which I'm excited for, has already pushed back it's beta and there's complaints of movement speed. New World, oh boy, where do I begin with that? A PvP-focused MMO that 180'd because most players don't like PvP and the lack of loot, dungeons, raiding, etc.


Bringing in point number 2, what are the most common things that are missing from these games I hear all around? Lack of loot, lack of endgame content, lack of progression, and similar tones. Few care for the story, the journey from 1-99 is completely ignored by the masses that try to hit cap ASAP and begin running the hamster wheel.

The only reason games like GW2, ESO, and FFXIV do well is probably because they never dived into WoW in its entirety. My first MMO was OSRS and then I moved on to GW2, having never really touched the game except our cousin showing us for 10 minutes. Everquest and Ultima surviving in the same manner that OSRS does – so well established that moving on from anything else is a death sentence.

You've played Warcraft for probably a decade now, if not longer, what's the justification of leaving? You have your guild mates, new expansions come out, you're so deep in that well you could see the League players digging along side you. It is such an old game that does the genre almost perfectly, nothing can compare to it and many try to dethrone it. Those that "break the mold" see a fast guillotine as players don't like slow, methodical gameplay that requires more than one person or faceroll with a team.

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