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Overcooked and like games need a proper new genre label. Potential evidence included.

Gamingtodaynews1g - Overcooked and like games need a proper new genre label. Potential evidence included.

Ok so it seems lately many games have been popping up heavily inspired by Overcooked.

Here's a list of a few examples in this "genre"


Overcooked 2

Moving Out

Get Packed



Tools Up

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

They likely have many of these features

  • Wacky physics-based gameplay

  • Time management objectives

  • Arcade simulation of a real job

  • Co-op focus but still playable single player

  • Level designs with obstacles, switches, puzzle, etc..

  • Cartoony graphics

When you see genre tags of these games you often have: party, simulator, arcade, action, puzzle. You see how it starts to become a problem. It would seem easier if a name for this "genre" would become official. So far closest I hear is Overcooked clone which reminds me of how first-person shooters were considered Doom clones or open-world games often called GTA clones in the early 00s.

Couch Co-Op is used a lot of times, but that is a general description that could used for any genre that has local co-op. So it's not a good name for the genre.

I've seen Overcooked labeled as a cooking sim and well the other games I mentioned could be considered moving sims, job sims, etc…However, these games all have an arcade action element that steers away from actually being a simulation game. It would be like calling Mario a jumping sim or NBA Jam a baskeball sim. So I don't buy simulation as a genre.

The fact they all have viable single player modes makes them not as easy to just call party games either. Also, most party games have multiple play types and minigames. I do recognize Mario Party can be played single player as well, but they at least give AI that behaves like other humans.

Simply calling them action/arcade games takes away from the overall elements of the games too. I could see if they all just relied on one simple mechanic, but you have to factor in time which adds the puzzle elements.


It seems the basic similarities are action puzzle levels of varying degree of "puzzle" elements. Time management of either multitasking or figuring out most efficient routes. Objectives that are quite mundane and job like. Top down perspective of seeing a whole level layout. Chaotic and zany level tropes and obstacles. Also, they are all made with co-op/multiplayer in mind even though single player works out fine too.

So yeah it feels like there's enough of the games now and they're all described as Overcooked in style. Some video game critic or writer needs to make some catchy name for the genre.

All these reviews reference back to Overcooked

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