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Paradise Killer is one of the best indie games ever and I want more people to know about it

Gamingtodaynews1b - Paradise Killer is one of the best indie games ever and I want more people to know about it

So in case you don’t know what Paradise Killer is, it’s a mystery/detective/open world/visual novel ish game on steam and switch. Not sure about Xbox or PlayStation. I’m right at the end of this game and it has truly been an experience. These developers have created such a unique and interesting world unlike anything in mainstream open world games. The game is set on an island in another dimension after the murder of the entire island council and you’ve been summoned to figure out who did it and why. You’ll spend the majority of the game talking to people and exploring the islands many secrets and uncovering it’s history and past corruption.

The characters are also weird as hell and likable with deep personalities and motives and weaknesses that you will definitely have to review your case notes like 5 times before you piece together exactly what happened. I think there are upwards of about 11 characters you can talk to and there’s also one off side quests to spend time on. Every time I think I’ve figured it out I come across another clue or someone tells me something that throws a me for a loop and makes me question everything. Nearly every character is connected to the crime or has a believable motive and it makes me feel like I’m in the movie Hot Fuzz. It’s a huge web of conspiracies where I honestly feel like no one is truly innocent or can be trusted.


The world, while nowhere near as big as say GTA V or something like that, is extremely dense with tons of side quests,hidden items, and buildings to explore for clues. It reminds me of something like Yakuza 0. There is also an unbelievable amount of lore and world building. This is a world with an actual history that while completely bizarre, is able to make you believe in it 100%. I’m actually sad that I’m at the end of a game because I haven’t been this invested in a game’s mystery in awhile. When most people think of detective games I feel like LA Noire is the go to but it isn’t anything like that. If it can be compared to anything I’d say Disco Elysium, which is one of the best games ever made and my favorite game of all time but anyway, this isn’t a little case where you play for a few hours or a day and it’s over. I’ve also heard it be compared to Dagonronpa but I haven’t played that so I can’t be sure. It’s a monster of a case that will truly rack your brain and I really love it.

The game features a female protagonist that I appreciate and I’m sure a lot of other players will too. Usually when playing these gritty detective games you play as a stoic man but this game has you playing an incredibly meticulous and intelligent female detective and she’s honestly great. I can truly believe that she’s passionate about her profession and justice in general. It’s also not a game that tells you the answer at the end of finding all the clues. You need to piece it together yourself like a lawyer in a courtroom, explain your reasoning, and then the game will judge you on how accurate and logical your outcome is. There is no hand holding at all and I really appreciate that in a modern game. Please check it out and give the developers your money. If you’re a fan of mystery games it cannot be overlooked. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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