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People like me that cannot leave an MMO due to not wanting to leave the effort behind?

Gamingtodaynews1f - People like me that cannot leave an MMO due to not wanting to leave the effort behind?

Sorry for my not too good english.

For context i've played on and off GW2 for 5 years. I completed all the content excluding some raid bossea. I have 4 legendaries and every character equipped.

I have become very, veey bored of the game. Nothing is engaging for me any more. I do not even bother to complete the new Living story episodes. I find myself forcing to play it to keep my characters a bit updated just in case if any day i want to come back im no too out of the loop. I never had a fun guild and i have been in many. The social aspect of the game is not enjoyable for me because its too inexistent. The casual PVE is too casual to the point you do not need to communicate/plan to do anything(meta events are just a spam 1 in a large mob). Fractals are just repetitive and they make them every time more frustrating. The raid community is pretty bad. You have mostly people who is very, very experienced on them or people that cannot even bother to go to training raids with proper equipment or research beforehand.

I bought the expansions for the GF, she enjoyed the graphics etc but she is very inexperienced in MMO, she gets stressed having to mash keys all the time and there is not much thought process on anything. She gets bored of it really fast. I try to do content with her but to be honest the game is not friendly with that. I cannot help her progress, actually most of the time you do things easier and faster alone. There is no advantage to do open world together and there is nothing interesting to do in open world other than meta events and they to be honest suck.


I really liked Dofus some yeara ago and right now its very alive with the mono accounts thing. I want to get back into it and i think its much better for both of us because it is a game where you are very rewarded for having more party members and high tier dungeons were very hard at the time. Its a game that you cannot complete without help, and economy and crafting is much more important as almost everything is tradable.

But i cannot let go of gw2 because. I dedicated so much time to it, and although i havent bought many gems, i think i spent in total:

30€ hearth of thorns when it came out

30€ x2 path of fire

Around 75€ of gems

Play time ingame around 2k hours

Its not much, i can afford this, but im so sad about the state of the game and bored of the content, and i hate the ingame community and the forced social aspect of itI m at the point where i despise every euro i spent on the game and wished i have never played it, but i cannot move past it and accept the loss. I even thought about selling the account to make something back but its something hard to do.

Are there more people like me? That cannot leave an MMO because of past achievements? How do i overcome this feeling?

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