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Perfect Vermin is the most emotionally moving game I have ever played

Gamingtodaynews1b - Perfect Vermin is the most emotionally moving game I have ever played

I think anyone who hasn't played it should play it without reading on as I'm going to spoil the game. It's only 15 minutes long and free on steam, and I truly think it is worth experiencing while going in blind. So stop reading now if that's you. The next sentence has spoilers.

It might just be because I recently lost a family member to cancer quite suddenly, but this game really struck me. I am sure players realize what is going on at different points in the game, and judging by YouTube videos of the game, some not at all. But when you do see the objects as representative of cancer, and the reporter as the victim…

I guess I have been thinking about cancer a lot recently. So early on I thought of how the bad objects being copies of the normal objects was similar to cancer, especially once seeing how the reporter characterized what the player was doing. I am not sure if the developer intended for the game go be upsetting, or if it was meant to be silly or what. But for me it was haunting. The way the cancer gets worse no matter what you do. The way the reporter gets sicker and sicker. The way the game presses you for time and makes things more and more challenging to simulate the feeling of desperation. The fact that at the end it is impossible. And the cancer has gotten so bad that the office, which I suppose is the mans body, is so scrambled and full of the replicas that is unrecognizable and disgusting. And that there is nothing you can do. And that the reporter is resigned to his fate. And at the end he's so full of regret. And wants his life to have meant anything at all.


I've been sad since I learned my family member was sick of course. And it took less than a year for her to pass, which was a few weeks ago. I have really felt down since then but I think this game really put my feelings into form. Like I said I don't know what the folks who made the game intended, and maybe I read it all wrong. But some aspects really resonated with me. She lived to adulthood, an was far along in life but certainly a couple decades from where you might seriously start thinking you're near the end. And it must have felt so unfair for her. I know it did to me. And she must have felt at first like the doctors should do anything they can. And that there was hope. But the cancer just got worse. And treatment was more aggressive. And she got so sick. And started to have more days she felt so sick all day long, so that they were more common than days she felt alright. And by the end is was so bad. Her body was so messed up there was no hope at all. It was all over. No matter what her body was so full of cancer cells, they had spread so much, that there was nothing to be done. And it made her so sick. And her body was so messed up. Really they caught it late so she was nearly there at the start and just didn't know. And by the end she knew it was over. But it musnt have felt to her like she heroically was seeing out the closing hours of her life. It must have felt like she was horribly sick. And that the sickness won and there was no hope at all. It's not acceptance so much as a complete loss of any alternative. Even as much as you might hate it. There's just nothing. Nothing left at all. And by the end you're so sick and so messed up that any last goodbyes are for the people you leave behind more than they are for you.

Anyways, maybe this will just get deleted or something. I've never posted here. But I wanted to write that out.

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