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I find myself being picky, not a lot of MMORPG's perfectly tick the boxes i'm looking for and i understand it never does for everyone.

I've been having troubles finding a MMORPG home to just grind on, besides maybe OSRS.

I love WoW combat and the armor style, but I'm not a big fan of hyper fantasy late game armor can get at times. I like showing that what i have is what i grinded for and people can look in awe for having a specific set of gear… Transmogs ruined wow for me…

ESO combat is fucking CLUNKY and don't you dare say the animation cancelling is part of the skill in the combat. In an mmo where i have to balance builds, meta choices, and also practicing animation cancelling to maximize my damage? no thanks.

GW2 is pretty neat in a lot of the things it does, but i really don't enjoy the washed out dry look of it. the armor design is AMAZING though. I love the blend of cartoon aesthetic with somewhat close to realistic armor design. But fuck do i hate the washed out look of this game, i can't find myself wanting to get immersed into the world so i go to a different game.

FFXIV is hella fun honestly, i think I'd love to main it but man… fuck that story length, and i'm not going to skip it because I feel lost when i take like a week-month hiatus and feel like I need to start over because I can't remember specific details in the lore to understand. From the character design and armor design being way more understandable and fun. I love that enemies are hyper fantasy, that I like. I just don't like it when armor looks hyper fantasy.


RIP WILDSTAR (had best combat imo, armor was just too funny for me. but the combat blinded me to it anyways)

No to any eastern mmo because I'm not into the super sexy feminine armor styles, just not my taste. nothing wrong with it, it's not shit. Just not my taste at all.

Not into hyper Anime style mmo's either (unless you count FFXIV as an anime mmo???)

and a lot of these f2p mmorpg's that might tick the box that i could enjoy are either dead or extremely corrupt.

that being said, i think my love for MMORPG's are dead. That feeling of looking fucking bad ass with specific gear and walking through town to show off feels dead. (besides osrs)

Classic wow is going to have to really do well and also add classic wow feeling updates similar to OSRS like updates to keep my love floating for MMORPG's, kinda feel abused from this genre lately.

I can only hope this Magic: The Gathering MMO caters to people like me while also doing well for the magic universe

or maybe even pantheon, but that game isn't even out yet and i already can't stand the community who STAN the fuck out of it.

Thoughts? Opinions?

Do we share the same thought?

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