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Blizzard releases a teaser for an upcoming game. The 20 second video begins with a figure being pursued by armed assailants and ends with the figure setting off a bomb to destroy a large space station above a blue planet. Gamers around the world are excited and speculate whether this is a sequel to Starcraft, Overwatch, or an entirely new franchise.

Weeks later, CD Projekt Red unveils a 10 second teaser for their own upcoming game. The video begins with an augmented human fishing at a large lake and the video ends with the figure looking up at the sky.

Week by week, multiple other publishers release their own 10-30 second teaser for upcoming games. Each video shows a different slice of life with ordinary characters and settings not completely recognizable by the studios' popular titles. ArenaNet shows clans engaging in combat. Bethesda shows people buying and trading wares at a large market. Valve shows people running away from mutated creatures. Each video ends with a central character's attention being caught by something they see in the sky.

Gamers are going insane with speculations that publishers are collaborating on a single game. None of the publishers release additional information for 6 months.

Suddenly, Robert Space Industries releases a 2 minute trailer showcasing new ships with the central focus being on the weapons each ship fires at different planets. The video ends text showing the date 12.12.2030.


/gaming is flooded with players freaking out and Star Citizen patrons respond to each post telling everyone that they knew all along that their game would be released.

A month after the Star Citizen trailer, Rockstar releases a 5 minute video that begins with debris crashing through the atmosphere of a blue planet. Scenes from the other 10-30 second teasers released by other publishers are included and expanded upon and ends with the words 11.11.2030. Slowly, information is released by each publisher about the upcoming unnamed shared world mmo. Gamers are beyond ecstatic but also confused about the conflicting release dates of 11.11.2030 and 12.12.2030. Some speculate that the 12.12.2030 release is an expansion or update to the shared world mmo. Others question the absence of Star Citizen in the Rockstar trailer and mention of Robert Space Industries in the press releases.

It's November 11th and players purchase Titanus through their favorite publisher's website or launcher. Star Citizen players, however, flock to forums and complain about a technical error preventing them from seeing the title on their launcher. Robert Space Industries releases a disclaimer that evening arguing that they never claimed to be part of the collaboration and their 2 minute trailer was about new ships and they close the announcement thanking patrons for their contribution to round 10 of their crowdfunding campaign.

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