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Playstation account hacked and $2095 spent, they’re sticking me with the charges

Gamingtodaynews1f - Playstation account hacked and $2095 spent, they're sticking me with the charges

Hello everyone,

I'm usually more a reddit lurker than poster but I'm kinda desperate for some help or attention right now. So I've had a Playstation 4 for a year or two now and I've been enjoying it on and off, usually playing EDF with my dad or Monster Hunter World with my friend who lives half a world away.

Recently however, something that I thought was unthinkable happened: My account got hacked. Over the course of 10 hours on Monday night/Tuesday morning someone racked up $2095.67 in purchases on my account. Let me tell you, waking up to several dozen emails saying "funds have been added to you account!" was not fun. Of course I immediately called playstation to get these purchases reversed and refunded, and the lady I spoke to was very helpful. The conversation ended with her basically saying such large fraud was above her paygrade and she had to pass it up the chain but she was sure they would get back to me soon.

Well today I got an email today saying my refund was denied. I called back immediately assuming this was a mistake or they sent me the wrong email, but the person I spoke to confirmed that for some reason, after looking at my account they are refusing to issue the refund because "all purchases are final". I then immediately called my bank (Royal Bank of Canada) and they said if Playstation won't admit that the purchases aren't valid they won't be able to issue a chargeback.

I'm practically in tears right now guys, I do NOT have $2095 laying around to drop on something like this and I feel like since it's just a drop in the bucket to Playstation they don't care. If anyone has any ideas or anyone that can help me I would really, really appreciate it.

P.s. I'm sorry if this is the wrong format or reddit, just point me in the right direction and I'll go if this is wrong. Also if any mods need verification for some reason, I can provide it.


EDIT: To people who are sceptical, I added an imgur post with some evidence that this situation is real:
L9xw4IN - Playstation account hacked and $2095 spent, they're sticking me with the charges

EDIT 2: Update to the Mystery of Why the password wasn't Changed

As per
Underwhere Overthere - Playstation account hacked and $2095 spent, they're sticking me with the charges

u/Underwhere_Overthere 's advice, I checked to see if someone had changed my PS4 from the primary system. It appears that yes, someone went into my account and changed the primary system, as the one currently sitting in my room, the only one I've ever owned, is currently not my primary PS4.

I'm not currently super clear on how this works, so if anyone has any further insight as to what I should do right now (especially considering Sony's phone service doesn't operate on the weekends) I would greatly appreciate it!

EDIT 3: Further Updates: Why Sony customer support is awful

So based on the previous information, I have opened a chat with Sony support (because their phone line isn't open on the weekends). They are telling me that my request for refund for fraud was denied because of a previous refund for fraud. The only problem is that I've never refunded anything for fraud before. And it wasn't made using my account. And they won't tell me who refunded what for "security reasons", because it was made by another account on my Playstation. Even though I only have one account on my Playstation.

At this point Sony is literally protecting whoever compromised my account over me

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