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PlayStation just gave my account away

Gamingtodaynews1g - PlayStation just gave my account away

Let me preface by saying I'll be calling Monday, of course. I know this and I really hope it'll be taken care of then. I also don't have my PS4 anymore. But I still don't want anyone to have my account, as I plan on coming back when financially able.

So I get a message today.

"2-step verification is now deactivated on your Sony Entertainment Network account."

Welp. That's not good. Let me login and fix this. Password incorrect. Oh no. Let me reset it quickly. When I go to my email for the password reset email, I've got an email from PlayStation, but not the one I was expecting.

ID Change

Well, I've had my account stolen before. So let's hit up support chat. That's where my disappointment really starts.

The first question? WHATS THE SERIAL NUMBER OF THE SYSTEM YOU CREATED YOUR ACCOUNT WITH? Well, let me just time travel to 2007 and snag that information for you real quick. Second question, pretty standard. Name a couple purchases on the account. Good to go. Third, what payment methods have been on your account? Well a couple cards, PayPal linked to , I also added exactly $200 into my own wallet from codes end of 2017. What city was the account created in? It was created in .

Welp. Can't help you until you find that serial number from 2006. Sorry pal.


I don't get it. How did this guy get support to hand over the account with two factor turn on? Why can't I, THE GUY WITH THE PHONE NUMBER AND ORIGINAL EMAIL, get it back? Was fully prepared to give em a copy of my ID, or anything they really needed. But here we are.

The biggest problem here is I asked support to delete the payment information on the account. Like I said, I don't have a PS4 at the moment and I'm pretty certain I removed it all when I got rid of my PlayStation. I also don't have a ton of money put into the account because I bought most of my games on PC or Xbox. But it's the fact that they absolutely wouldn't remove payment information because I can't remember a serial number from 2006. That's insane.

I've always stuck up for PSN and all the big name hacks and whatnot, but maybe THIS type of thing is the reason it gets it's reputation.

Edit: I'm not trying to be snippy or sarcastic with some of you in the comments. As you can probably tell, I'm frustrated about the incident, and some people just clearly aren't reading the post. Lol

Edit 2: honestly, the way their system is set up right now blows. You should only be able to remove 2FA if you submit photo ID with a name that matches the account/payment method.

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