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Pokemon shouldn’t immediately make more remakes after Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Gamingtodaynews1b - Pokemon shouldn't immediately make more remakes after Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Hello everyone. Today I want to make the case that the upcoming remakes of Pokemon games, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, should be the last set of remakes Gamefreaks makes at least for a long time (which is generally the case now anyways the last major set of remakes, OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire came out 7 years ago), instead of immediately jumping into making Black and White Remakes. Mostly because the improvements from remakes going forward will not have much improvement and it uses a lot of development time that could be going to new projects.

1- Graphical Improvement and Gameplay will have diminishing returns for most regular players.

Looking at past Pokemon remakes, you could make the case that remakes were necessary to update the past games with improvements from current games. Take 2014's OmegaRuby and Alpha Saphire. Compared to the original Ruby and Sapphire released in 2002, ORAS swaps out the 2D graphics and sprites or 3D models. But on a gameplay end, adds Pokemon, moves and abilities from X and Y, The physical/Special split, reusable TMs, Mega Evolution, Fairy Types etc. Now, even though I feel the artstyle is stronger in the originals and Mega Evolution is not a good addition, it is still clear that enough additions and features were added to ORAS to justify a remake, and it's a similar case for past remakes like FireRed/LeafGreen and HeartGold/SoulSilver and likely will be for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. But going forward, the results won't be as impressive. Take the games most likely to be remade next, Black and White. Of that list of improvements I mentioned for ORAS, which of them are already in BW? The only ones that aren't are Fairy Types and Mega Evolution. Now going further, what about X and Y or Sun and Moon? Very few improvements and features are left to add which limits how much a remake can add which devalues making a remake or playing said remake over the original.


In addition, the graphics also aren't as much of a seller. BW uses a unique animated 2D sprite approach that is very iconic to these particular games. A remake that replaces them with the current set of 3D animations isn't likely to impress people who were fans of the originals which is a bad move given that nostalgia is often a key aspect of these remakes. And later games like XY and SM already use the current set of 3D models and animations anyway so what's there to remake? Pokemon doesn't seem to changing its approach to graphics or models anytime soon and gameplay improvements and additions are either iterative or one off gimmicks like Dynamax which don't lend themselves to remakes. Perhaps after many more years, Pokemon may have enough of a graphical overhaul and enough new permanent features that going back to prior games feels dated enough that a remake is more justified.

-2- Remakes take up valuable time and resources to produce. Stuff that Gamefreak appears to often have a limited amount of given examples of ORAS' Battle Frontier never being finished or the technical issues in Sword and Shield. Remakes, I'd argue, should be prioritized less because we aren't getting a new experience from them, we're getting the same experience we got when they first came out with some improvements and those list of improvements get smaller every generation. I'd rather more of those resources go towards main series games like SwSh so they get more development, or to more substantial projects like Legends Arceus as these offer a potentially more novel experience and with more development, may be capable of more improvements and polish.

The case I have seen for remakes are 1- They add in Pokemon not in the current games or make them easier to obtain. FRLG for example, adds in Kanto Pokemon that RSE players would have hard a harder time getting normally. And 2- They allow players who missed the games the first time around a chance to play them for the first time. To the first I say, "just patch these Pokemon into the current games". SwSh did that with their DLCs which expanded the list of available Pokemon by adding in Pokes cut from the dex earlier. For the second, I'd rather there be a more extensive and long term Nintendo Virtual Console system to give these older games a second life. Other studios can be assigned making the necessary changes and tweaks to get the system running and to port games over from Nintendo's older platforms.

So yeah, what are your thoughts?

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