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Post-Direct PSA: Just admit that you didn’t get what you wanted, and stop blaming Nintendo for your own failure to control your emotions.

Gamingtodaynews1g - Post-Direct PSA: Just admit that you didn't get what you wanted, and stop blaming Nintendo for your own failure to control your emotions.

Seriously. This happens every single time a Direct comes out that doesn't have a massive AAA Nintendo heavy-hitter or Smash character in it. Especially when there are unsubstantiated rumors using number magic claiming that something big will happen on X anniversary or because they were talking about this or that.

People are disappointed that they didn't get the game announcement they wanted. This is understandable. I've had Directs that I haven't been keen on, either. Where it gets to be crossing the line is when this cues calls of "Shitty Direct" or "that was garbage", and people start dogging on Nintendo and calling them a bad company for not giving them what they wanted.

Cue people talking about the stuff in the Direct they were actually hyped for some of the announcements going to bat for the importance or significance of the series or entry they like. Today it was SMT, before it was Xenoblade and before that it was Fire Emblem, Daemon X Machina, Astral Chain, and plenty of other games. Cue people fighting over the exact significance of every game that isn't Mario, Zelda, Smash, Pikmin or Metroid, or basically any first-party Nintendo franchise, and getting toxic about judging people's tastes and priorities, in both directions.

Just… I'm done with this. Just fucking admit it, guys: You gambled on an assumption when you hyped yourselves up to the moon for wanting a certain game or games, and you fucking lost that bet with yourself. Accept it. Stop fucking deflecting and saying Nintendo didn't set expectations properly. They did. It was plastered all over their Twitter, the thumbnail, and the video itself.

Stop claiming that those things don't matter because they only set the expectations 12 hours in advance. How much fucking time do you need to feel properly settled with your expectations? Considering that Directs that have given a lot more notice for people to prepare tend to get even more hyped than this one did, I doubt that people would have actually taken this Direct any more maturely than many did, and by that I mean with no maturity at all.


We're in difficult times. Covid has affected economies and job dynamics all around the world. The industry itself is under more and more scrutiny for unethical practices, both against the consumer and against staff. It's natural we aren't getting a lot of games. Almost every new release right now has been games that started development long before the pandemic. It makes sense that the well of projects that were in development before restrictions came down has dried up. You do not need Nintendo to tell you this like some parent consoling their child. This should be common sense.

There are so many fucking games you could be playing right now. Games that came out this year. Games that came out last year. Games that have been our for years. You have an entire generation at your fingertips. Utilize that power if you want something to play. Revisit old classics if you have the means to. You don't have to cling to there being a new announcement of something big and personally investing to you every single goddamn month. It's like a fucking cargo cult in here every Direct, and I'm sick of it.

Try and justify your anger all you want at me. If you feel personally insulted by Nintendo's "shitty direct", or you feel it is perfectly okay to flame other people online and trash talk other people's beloved series because it got announced instead of whatever the fuck you wanted, all you're doing is making excuses for the fact that you're entitled and immature.

Grow. The. Fuck. Up.

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