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Privacy concerns with Blizzard

Gamingtodaynews1b - Privacy concerns with Blizzard

Hi guys!
I am interested to see your opinions about the current situation of mine with Blizzard.

I am a Hungarian citizen and registered my Blizzard account many years ago when you could connect your account with Facebook. In that time I played some Hearthstone but never bought anything as it was still expensive at that time for a high school student as me. The store only accepted EUR payments and 60 EUR for a game was a huge deal when the average salary was 200 EUR in that time in the country.
Fast forward to nowadays. I moved to Thailand two years ago and a couple of months ago I invested in a proper gaming laptop and since I seen the craze for Call of Duty Warzone, I wanted to try the game. My first shock came with the horrible install size of the game and somehow the download speed with my proper internet was slow and painful. It took me a good two days to pull down the 115 GB base game. The download used maybe 25% of my current internet speed.

When I started the game the first surprise hit me as the game required two-step authentication. Offer a phone number. OK. I followed the link, logged in my account and I noticed that I am unable to change the region from Hungary to Thailand. Go to support, they recommended.

I was connected the support and the first thing they asked me to upload is a government issued ID card. Why a gaming company for any reason asks for my ID card? I was baffled to see that the site not even allows me to proceed my ticket without this step.


After uploading my passport scan the second surprise came to me as they simply requested House registration form. I uploaded a house registration form from my current landlord in Thai.

Further reading the website I realized that Blizzard asks for utility bills also and it is a total gamble which regions you can do the changes or which regions you need to cry for support. Adding insult to injury is that if you purchase anything and your balance is over 20 dollars they not even do it for you. Not checking the rules before moving out? Your fault. If you are under 20 dollars Blizzard simply states: good luck with that, we took your money.

If you are Korean then you are even more fucked as they simply refuse to align you to Korea.
I filed my request two full days ago and I was not even getting a response.

So I am asking Reddit: What the fuck is wrong with Blizzard? Why a company is asking really sensitive data from me to play a video-game and why discriminates users who relocate to another country and wish to use their services? What help support will be able to figure out the multiple languages of utility bills and house forms? What about those students who study overseas and living in campuses?

Please share your thoughts about this! In the current situation in Thailand I would rather not leak my personal data to China or any companies who can use my data against me.

PS: I tried to post this on the official Blizzard Reddit. It was removed in an instant.

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