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Private Servers and older MMOs (as well as Older-style)

Gamingtodaynews1b - Private Servers and older MMOs (as well as Older-style)

I see a lot of people on here constantly asking for a new game to play or asking what's good, etc. etc. What it boils down to is many will say they're tired of WoW (which is usually the case lately) and then go on to describe what they want which many games have but they don't want to play those – it's like they want WoW but without Blizzard and forget that Private Servers exist.

For example, the other day I saw someone say they want something similar to WoW but something that wasn't as new, and literally everything they described was on par with EQ, EQ2, and Vanilla WoW but they were so stingy about everything.

If you want a new MMO, why not settle for an older version of an MMO you were playing? I don't really see many people coming from EQ or EQ2 saying how horrible the game has gotten, let alone the hardcores from GW2, ESO, FFXIV. It's mostly just WoW to be honest. So, instead of insulting people who are trying to help you, why not do a little bit of research folks? I'm not going to put anyone on blast on here and I will admit, I've been one of those people in the past but I mostly just keep an eye out for something that might be interesting. So, with all that banter out of the way – I will name some of the MMOs that have active PServers (that I know of) and some Older/Older-style type of MMOs.

WoW – All expansions have a private server for it, may not be fully 100% bug free but it's a private server. Classic is going into beta soon-ish from what I heard.


EQ/EQ2 – Both older MMOs that have stood up to the bigger name one's over the years and are still around despite the fact they look so old. (EQ2 is also pretty fun imo and I couldn't get into EQ) Everquest has a private server, Project 1999 I believe it's called.

Project Gorgon – Newer MMO coming out, still in "Early Access" stages but looks a lot like most older MMOs while the game play itself is unique in the sense that most MMOs do the complete opposite of PG and force you into a "class" archetype. You can do the normal stuff you do in most MMOs, kill enemies, loot their corpses (skin them if the type allows it) and adventure while gathering resources. Also you can determine how an enemy died in the game, not entirely sure how it plays out into the game later on but I thought it was cool.

LotRO – Another older MMO based on the Tolkien world of hobbits, elves, dwarves, etc.

Guild Wars – Older MMO, this was before GW2 and is instanced, there's a private server for this I believe.

Final Fantasy 11 – Older MMO, private servers for this as well. Never played it so don't know much about it personally.

That is just a few of them, if you want me to add some more to the list I will but I figured I'd contribute something since there's so many new people here who don't really do any research.

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