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I downloaded Project Gorgon today after watching this video :

The graphics and old style always made me question/never try it out.

There's currently a free demo on steam:

Anyway, it's also 33% off if you like the demo, but thought I'd share.

It's all about the journey again….

  1. Level up by doing things. So do them !
  2. VERY cool exploration.
    1. Modern MMO : This is the tutorial island. Here's how you use your skills. Run to this waypoint so someone can tell you about how to use other skills. Run to the other waypoints and then you'll be done. That's called a quest
    2. Project Gorgon: you're on a fucking island. Figure it out. You found something. What is it? I don't know but it's something. Guess you can tame rats now? okay. Found this guy, he's an old teacher and can help me off this island. Teach me to teleport? Okay, I think I found a way out, but…what else is there? Eventually you find it's an old school for mages from way back when. Then you find something went wrong. Damn, a dinosaur ate you. Who the fuck is that witch lady. What is this magic circle? Oh, that's what it is. Oh shit there's a cave here and damn, it goes under the whole island and there's the basement of this old school. I could leave this island now because I figured this other puzzle out but…I don't want to…there's other shit to learn here. I found an old library. It taught me a debuff spell. Oh shit, thats a big fucking spider. I gotta run i gotta run run run run find friends. Yo guys, wtf is going on? Yeah i don't either but I bet that spider has some fucking loot.
    3. The game unfolds itself very well. All of what I described still sounds generic…but it's the way you learn and the JOURNEY that seems so good. I'm not sprinting to the end to start to get to the next level or the next thing…I want to explore and find more things and get stronger by asking who? why? where? what?


I thought I'd get stuck on the graphics and after 10 minutes I didn't care about them at all.

Now I've only played it for 3-4 ours but it can be best described as a breath of fresh and old air.

I haven't been excited about an MMO in decades. I was worried about the population but I figured the demo was fine so whatever – and now…now I'm buying it.

For what it's worth…it's worth just checking out and playing around and see if it's for you.

Anyway, I'm very surprised how good this game actually is.

This comment on that youtube best sums it up

"Played it, got to turn myself into a mansized talking spider, proceeded to have a brilliant time trying to convince the villagers that I wasn't going to eat them so that could get their quest/ storage space/ vendor services. 10/10 would lie about being a sorcs magical familiar again"

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