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PS4 bought from scammer, now trying to repair. Having trouble, please help!

Gamingtodaynews1g - PS4 bought from scammer, now trying to repair. Having trouble, please help!

Hey guys long story short my little brother was conned into buying a PS4 that was broken on letgo. The seller had made it very convincing, and knew that my brother was a kid and still took advantage of him, so that pissed me off to the point that I said let’s just repair it.

Original problem. PS4 would not output

Next problem: as I go to set the PS4 on safe mode by using the power button I noticed the power button wasn’t taking input

2 hours later: power button is completely fixed I try to reset but realize the PS4 is pulsing a blue light

1 hour later: come the the realization that I have an old 1001 model PS4 that is known for output issues, but not only does it have that as an issue but the pulsing blue light typically means the blue light of death.

1-2 hours later: I do my reading and fair share of watching videos and find out about the washer trick. I use metal washers instead of plastic, place them in the exact positions, PS4 finally outputs yay! But…

it says that the hardrive could not be read and is causing an issue 808(?) I believe. I take out the hardrive and place it back in, blow a bit on the cartridge and now we’re back to square one, well sorta.. now PS4 has a new issue..

PS4 would just turn on and not turn off and the fam would go ballistic, just haywire. Had to unplug and try different methods of getting it into safe mode, and a combination of messing with the washers some more..

PS4 now beeps ONCE when I press power, does not display a blue light. Then when pressed again it powers on for a few, displays pulsing blue light, fan starts then turns off, following three slower beeps, not the quick beeps when the disk ejects. And it’s stuck in this exact cycle. I’ve tried loosening the washers and bolts that hold the CPUish chip in place and that didn’t work, tried different power outlets, tried using two washers on each side instead of one. My diagnoses? I think it’s because I am using metal washers instead of plastic washers, when I used makeshift water bottle cap washers that’s when my PS4 booted up and outputted. Please I’d you have any knowledge on any of these strange glitches please help me out, I’d love to fix this and show my little brother that yes he got played, but to always work hard even when things don’t work out your way. He was pretty devastated for it not working so I’d love to see if you bro’s could help me out or tag someone who can help.


Thank you all, I’d this is not the proper thread I apologize, I’m just a little desperate at this point and losing a lot of sleep to do something nice for him

EDIT: I used plastic bottle caps for washers when it first outputted NOT metal. My fault. Also I didn’t use them after because I was afraid they’d melt.

UPDATE: removed the washers and now my PS4’s fans sound like JETS!!! Plugged it in and power will NOT go off I have to force unplug and the PS4 gets extremely loud and hot. One of the screws does not go in completely like the other

UPDATE: left screw in my IMGUR for the chip bracket will not screw in all the way anymore. I think this is causing issues and the chip isn’t being read fully those causing my PS4 to act all wonky and start up and immediately turn off. Probably not making the right connection. Would you all recommend removing the grey tin/shell and then realigning it to see if my screw will go in all the way? It can’t be the PSU because it worked earlier and a bad output could be due to a faulty HDMI, however I did get output prior. If I can somehow get my PS4 in recovery or safety mode I’ll be okay but man this is just hell. It’s one thing to fix a PS4 but fixing it blind with no output is something else.

UPDATE!!! : top left screw was just worn from me unscrewing and screwing this so long!! It totally goes in all the way. Now my PS4 is stable no jets no nothing. It doesn’t power off either but I can’t get it to safe mode because whenever I press the power button it DOES NOT want to power off and I hear the disk tray or hard drive doing some funky stuff. No crazy fans or overheating though!! Just can’t for the life of me put this on safe mode ughhhh

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