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[PSForever / PlanetSide 1 Emulator] Project Update #21 & PlanetSide 16th Birthday Event

Gamingtodaynews1f - [PSForever / PlanetSide 1 Emulator] Project Update #21 & PlanetSide 16th Birthday Event

PSForever Update #21: The War for Auraxis

Disclaimer: PSForever is a fan-based, not-for-profit PlanetSide 1 emulation project.

The PSForever Team has been hard at work to bring you a massive new update for this year’s Planetside Day Weekend Event! Join us May 18-19th at 12pm EST each day to celebrate PlanetSide’s 16th Birthday.

Setup is now easier than ever. If you had issues with setup before, I urge you to give it a try again! You can find our setup guide
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here. It is also highly recommended you join our Discord server here.


  • Initial account creation is now live!
  • Simply typing an account and password into the game client will create an account for you automatically.
  • Characters and any Loadouts you create with them will now be permanently saved to your respective accounts and characters.
  • If you have issues with your accounts, please use the #help channel in our Discord.



  • You can warp to every Battle Continent using the now functioning Warpgates. The war for Auraxis is back!
  • For now, Forseral will be the starting location when a player enters the game. If no spawn locations are available on Forseral, you will start in your faction's Sanctuary.
  • GMs can now set base ownership while the server is live to set up a specific fight configuration.


  • Sanctuaries are now implemented, with the exception of the HART shuttle.
  • You will spawn in your faction's Sanctuary on initial load if you do not control any bases on Forseral.
  • You can spawn at your faction’s Sanctuary at any time like normal, allowing you to use it as a location to acquire certain vehicles and bring them to a continent you may not have access to them on.

Base Capture

  • Bases and Towers can now be hacked into and captured.
  • To capture a base, use the Remote Electronics Kit (REK) to hack an enemy Control Console.
  • Bases currently only support Hack and Hold capture methods, as the LLU method is currently a WIP.

Global Lattice

  • With the combat area being expanded to each Battle Continent, and Base Capture being added, the Global Lattice is now functional for the purpose of hack links.

Base States

  • Bases now have an NTU resource level, can run out of NTU, or be refilled by the now functioning Advanced Nanite Transport (ANT) vehicle.
    • NTU is drained 10%/60 min
    • Won’t go neutral at 0% (currently working, but disabled)
    • Note: This is a temporary setup until we can implement the proper mechanics for NTU depletion. These are subject to change and just experimental. GMs also can change NTU levels at their discretion.
  • Base States are still a work in progress, as Spawn Tubes and Generators cannot be destroyed yet.
  • Base Benefits are still hard coded at this time, so benefits will not transfer through the lattice.

Base Equipment Functionality

  • All base equipment that has been implemented thus far is now functional at each base on every Battle Continent.
  • Wall Turrets are functioning and upgradeable with the proper Advanced Engineering certification, but don’t actually become destroyed; the gunner will be killed when the turret reaches 1 hitpoint. They can be repaired.
  • Lockers will work and store items during a gameplay session, but beware, those items will be lost at the end of the session, as storage is not yet persistent.


  • Many weapons have undergone damage audits. They should now be more accurate.
  • The Lasher’s Lash now works properly.
  • Splash damage degradation has been added.
  • Some weapons that lacked a visual projectile, sound, and damage indicators have been fixed.
  • Firing modes for weapons with with camera modes, lock on features, and all AA MAXs are temporarily disabled until further work is done.
  • Lasher Balance Update
    • Lash damage has been increased from 6 to 12.
    • The distance before Lasher orbs can begin lashing has been reduced from 5 meters to 0 meters (effectively ~2.5 meters).
    • These changes are experimental and may be occasionally changed or reverted.


Advanced Hacking

  • Advanced Hacking is now fully functional.
  • Characters with Advanced Hacking can now hack a greater variety of base equipment, such as Equipment Terminals and Vehicle Terminals, and do it more quickly.

Combat Engineering

  • Combat Engineering deployables are now in the game, but lack damage, AI, and some other features that make each deployable fully functional.
  • To create deployables:
    • Acquire an Adaptive Construction Engine (ACE) or a Field Deployable Unit (FDU) at an Equipment Terminal
    • Place it at a valid placement point.



  • The Router teleportation pad vehicle is now fully functional.
  • To use a Router:
  1. Acquire it from a Vehicle Terminal
  2. Deploy it with the ‘B’ button
  3. Acquire a Telepad from the underside of Router with the ‘G’ button
  4. Place it at a valid placement point.
  5. After a short delay, friendly and enemy players alike will be able to teleport between the Router and the Telepad.

Advanced Nanite Transport (ANT)

  • The Advanced Nanite Transport (ANT) can now fill their capacitors with NTU at Warpgates and use it to fill a Base’s NTU Silo.
  • To fill a Base with the ANT:
  1. Acquire an ANT at a Vehicle Terminal.
  2. Drive to a nearby Warpgate and fill your capacitors with the ‘B’ button.
  3. Once filled, drive the ANT to a Base which needs NTU.
  4. Approach the Base’s NTU Silo in the Courtyard.
  5. When prompted, press the ‘B’ button to fill the Base’s NTU Silo.

Advanced Mobile Station (AMS)

  • The respawn circle for the AMS is now functional. You no longer need to use the !ams command.
  • As a fun modifier, the AMS can be loaded into a Galaxy Cargo Hold.

Galaxy and Lodestar Vehicle Cargo Hold

  • Cargo Holds for the transportation of vehicles within Galaxy Dropships and Lodestars are now fully functional.
  • To use a cargo hold:
  1. Acquire an appropriate vehicle at a Vehicle Terminal.
  2. Approach a Galaxy or Lodestar cargo hold, and press the ‘G’ button when prompted.
  • As a fun modifier, the AMS can be loaded into the Galaxy Cargo Hold.
  • There is a known disconnect bug that can occur if the Galaxy your vehicle was inside is deconstructed (via the pilot bailing midair, or the pilot manually deconstructing it, you can be disconnected from the game.
  • As a fun modifier, the flight ceiling has been raised from 400 to 500.
  • As a fun modifier, you can pull a Galaxy Dropship from any terminal in which you can acquire air vehicles.
  • Reaver Balance Update
    • Max health reduced from 1000 to 900 to revert the never reverted “Coder Madness 2” patch from Live


  • The two currently implemented Implants are:
    • Surge
    • Darklight Vision

Bug Fixes

  • An issue where an AMS can despawn but still act as a respawn point has been fixed
  • The load screen should never freeze the game on initial load or zoning
  • Sanctuary vehicle terminals now work
  • If a GM uses the /zone command inside a vehicle, the vehicle will no longer linger and potentially cause zone crashes
  • Terminal/IFF Lock hacks will now clear when a base is hacked or resecured
  • Enemy doors will no longer give the “Enemy owned facility – door is locked” message when the door lock is unlocked
  • Corrected an issue in which Anti Infantry MAX could be acquired at an AMS terminal by Favorite Loadouts
  • You can now properly acquire Standard Exosuit at an AMS with Favorite Loadouts
  • Fixed various issues with deconstructing at an AMS
  • When clicking a respawn location more than once in rapid succession, it will no longer send you to your faction’s Sanctuary
  • You can now open hacked Terminal menus at a base that has been hacked without channeling the REK beam on it to open the window
  • Doors that sometimes would not close will now correctly close
  • Acquiring items from the Repair/Rearm Silo or Landing Pads will now properly automatically place the items directly into your vehicle’s inventory
  • When respawning to a Sanctuary, the respawn time will now be instantaneous instead of 10 seconds
  • When choosing to respawn to Sanctuary, you will no longer spawn in dead
  • Players in a vehicle that bails from the Cargo Hold of a Galaxy that deconstructs will no longer be disconnected
  • …and many, many more!

PlanetSide Modding Update

Server side Mods


We can now use a special packet called PropertyOverrideMessage to create short or long term modifications by overriding some of the properties the game stores client side. As these changes are applied to the game server side, meaning that no download or patching is needed.

Along with many other things being controlled by the server, robust modification of Planetside can now occur with an unchanged game client.

Although you may have read some of them in the above patch notes, you can find a list of currently activated modifiers on the PSForever Live Server

Client side Mods

Regarding client side changes, several new discoveries have been made, particularly when utilizing both client side and server side mods. The following features have had proof of concepts created:

  • New vehicles
  • New weapons
  • New MAXs
  • Terrain changes
  • Map changes
  • …and so much more!

We’d still like to get a working patcher that can patch and verify files up and running before tinkering with mods which require a download.

We need your help!

While our developers’ work has been amazing, we could always use more. To continue making PSForever a reality, we need your help! If you have any interest, here are some of the skills needed to assist us:

  • Server Development (Scala, Reverse Engineering)
  • Tools Programmer (C# / C++, Launcher/Patcher)
  • Client Reversing (DLL Hooks, etc.)
  • Database Designer

Even if you are not a developer, having a large and active community is helpful. As always, the best place to play, help out, or just find out more information on our project is at the PSForever Discord server: We hope to see you there!

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