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Publishers giving away AAA and Indie games for FREE and many new F2P (often P2W) games a symptom of hyper-production?

Gamingtodaynews1g - Publishers giving away AAA and Indie games for FREE and many new F2P (often P2W) games a symptom of hyper-production?

I don't know if you are starting to get the same feeling as I am, but for the last year or two I feel buried in so many games I got for free from AAA publishers and Indie developers, game distribution platforms and just F2P games I want to try out.

I used to be able to keep an accurate list of all the games I own, like a catalog, with data about game name, platform, DLCs, did I play or finish it, etc. But in the last 24 months or so I have received and claimed so many free games and made accounts in many F2P games that I can't keep up to even catalog everything let alone play it.

Granted, I am no longer enjoying marathon game sessions 16 hours long since I am all grown up with a home and family of my own. But I still do find time to play 16 hours or so a week.

With free games being given out weekly from EPIC, Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOG, various Indie websites, I don't even see a reason to buy new games besides jumping early into multiplayer or being a major fan.

I know that big publishers and digital distribution platforms are in a race to grab users and even subscribers now, and that is one of the reasons why they are giving away games. But, they are not the only ones doing this.

There are so many squeals, remasters, remakes flooding the market that even if I had two lifetimes I would be able to play them all. And that is before I even look at all the F2P games being offered.

With so many games in a franchise, for example Total War 14 games, Call of Duty (30 across all platforms), Need for Speed, Tomb Raider, Far Cry, Assassin Creed, Anno, Mortal Combat, Star Wars, Battlefield, Halo, Resident Evil, GTA, Pokemon, FIFA, The Sims, Legend of Zelda… developers and publishers have started to giveaway gateway, entrance, experiences for free, so that new players can be drawn into a franchise with a free ticket.


I think that this is all a symptom of hyper-production of games that simply can't be followed by the time needed from the players. As more games, and especially larger/longer games along with quickly made small Indie games and F2P time sinks, take up the total gaming time of the population, which is definitely not following at the same expansion speed, gamer's time is becoming a diminishing and harder to acquire resource.

So as the time gets shorter there is an ever growing struggle between companies (publishers, developers, distributors) to acquire more players/potential buyers faster and faster. In their desperate head to head race they are starting to drop free AAA and major Indie games all over the place, hoping to snatch new players with free tickets into their platforms and franchises.

I am using my own lifestyle and time for games as a starting point, and I have to say that if they keep this up, I might as well stop buying games and just wait for the games I want to play be given to me for free at some point. Until then, I have plenty of games already for free to play, and I can always dive into some F2P experience as well.

Your personal look at this situations will no doubt be colored by your own lifestyle and the amount of time you have for gaming but I would love to hear your opinions and open this to discussion.

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