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Purchased my first Sony Console in 10+ years – A few questions and an introduction

Gamingtodaynews1e - Purchased my first Sony Console in 10+ years - A few questions and an introduction

So, During the black Friday sale I picked up a PS4 Pro + spiderman and God of war.

I never thought I would ever buy the PS4, I was one of these edgelord teens who really embraced the whole Xbox VS Sony arguments of the mid 2000s.

My Last Sony console was the PS1 back when Crash Bandicoot was all the hype. I stubbornly avoided the PS after getting the OG xbox.

Xbox has been really disappointing the last few years, a couple of sequels that were not that amazing, Forza, Halo and Gears of war? I mean who cares? No originality.

Generally I still like the Xbox and the consoles but the last year or so, holy hell has Sony upped their game. Particularly with exclusives, So many great looking, well reviewed and original titles – I honestly feel like I could go the next year or so just on exclusives from Sony that I have missed out on.

Looking further into it, I really have around 10 years worth of exclusives if you count the PS2 and PS3

So many amazing games that people always hype up but I have never had the chance to experience.

Im not huge on online multiplayer games and Sony really has me covered here – My hit list at the point are Spiderman and God of war. As I already have them but I cant wait to jump onto the uncharted games, The kingdom Heart games, the Last of Us and I am sure many others (Feel free to recommend some)


Furthermore – I find the UI of the Sony much smoother to run than the Xbox, not quite as cluttered or Clunky (Could be that im using the PRO where the XB1 is an older model)

Controller took a little while to get used to after using Xbox for such a long time, but its very comfortable now and I really enjoy the touch bar thing on the controller – Very intuitive.

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I havent jumped into any online games yet, a bit of netflix and some game and system updates and been all I have accessed the internet for, no drop outs or anything like that. How does the online work for PS? Xbox was ok but very much prone to random dropouts and issues.

Is there anything else you guys think I should know about the console? Any useful features that are not advertised out of the box? Any useful apps shortcuts worth noting?

Not really sure of the purpose of this post really, just wanted to introduce myself to the community and proudly boast that I am a PS guy again!

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