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/r/Games of the Year Award: Soundtrack

Gamingtodaynews1f - /r/Games of the Year Award: Soundtrack

Soundtrack of the Year!

This award is dedicated to the game with the best soundtracks. Whether it's a single song or a collective unit, here you can share the songs that made you hyped, emotional, energetic, or just in the zone.

Please submit the game you would like to nominate in a comment. You may only nominate a single game in a top end comment (you may mention other games to compare them to, but only one game can be submitted). You are allowed to post multiple nominations in separate comments.

Feel free to link youtube links, but please tag if the link contains spoilers in the title, video, or song.

Also note the following rules on submissions:

  1. Joke or sarcastic submissions are not allowed.

  2. Spoilers for any content need to be properly spoiler tagged as always ((#s "X Kills Y") | Result: Spoiler).

  3. Explain why you are nominating a specific game. A single word or nondescriptive nominations will be removed.

  4. Only games released in 2018 or the tail end of 2017 can be nominated.

The nominations with the highest score will be counted in the end to determine who will win the Awards.

Check out our original post for more information on the Awards.

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