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/r/Games of the Year Awards: Final Results

Gamingtodaynews1e - /r/Games of the Year Awards: Final Results

The awards are finally over!

I'd like to start off by thanking everyone who participated, these awards were meant to be more than just individual nominations, but a moment for us to come together and celebrate these awesome games as a community.

For the results, below we will be posting the top 5 nominations from each category, with links to the appropriate comments/threads.

Day 1 – Developers:

This award is dedicated to the developers who stood out over the year for their public relations and handling of new releases, updates to existing content, and impact on the industry. These developers deserve recognition for their efforts this year in making the gaming world a better place.

Insomniac Games!

Nominated by /u/puffdaddy06

With crunch and mistreatment of developers being a huge story throughout 2018, I just wanted to shout out Insomniac for putting out one of the year's best games without sacrificing the mental or physical health of their workers with excessive crunch. I recently saw a tweet from them announcing that the whole studio was going on winter break from now till January 9th which is really cool especially after a wild year. That being said, I don't know how other devs do their holiday scheduling so this could be a common occurrence. So congrats to Insomniac and other developers just like them for treating their workers with respect and calling BS on the argument that excessive crunch is an unfortunate necessity to the development process.

Runner Ups:

  1. Sony Santa Monica nominated by /u/Matt_Landers

  2. Panic Button nominated by /u/AwesomeManatee

  3. IO Interactive nominated by /u/Quality_Controller

  4. Matt Makes Games nominated by /u/NathVanDodoEgg

The full thread can be found here

Day 2 – Narrative:

This award is dedicated to the games with the best narratives, stories, or lore. These games stand out for their characters, progression, pacing, intrigue, focus, imagery, imagination, and/or emotion.

God of War

Nominated by /u/Darabo

The odds against God of War were high, however the game defied almost all expectations and made people actually excited for a sequel.

It's genius in providing so much more, yet not revealing too much in one game and allow room to expand in sequels. There is more emotion and depth in the opening scene of the game with Kratos than the last couple of GoW games combined.

The story is simple yet complex, where despite all the shit that happens, the story is about a father and son going through a journey.

Although yes, the story does drag a bit about 60% into the game, if only for a bit…

Runner Ups:

  1. Red Dead Redemption 2 nominated by /u/datlinus

  2. Return of the Obra Dinn nominated by /u/MystraTV

  3. Celeste nominated by /u/BulbSaur

  4. Thronebreaker nominated by /u/HeroicDoof

The full thread can be found here

Day 3 – Graphics and Aesthetic:

This award is dedicated to the best looking games from this year. This could refer to its fidelity, the level of detail, realism, etc. Or it could refer to a simplistic art decision which works brilliantly.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Nominated by /u/aLaxLuthor16

I'll add Red Dead Redemption 2. It has some breathtaking moments. Riding through the swamps with the most hanging low and the sun creeping through.

The snow falling away from your house as it's labored breathing frosts in front of you.

Pulling up to a small campfire that you saw glowing in the distance.

Every other time you play, it feels like each scene was composed by a cinematographer

Runner Ups:

  1. Return of the Obra Dinn nominated by /u/zetbotz

  2. God of War nominated by /u/Coruscated

  3. Dragon Ball FighterZ nominated by /u/TehIllusiveMan

  4. GRIS nominated by /u/pacotromas

The full thread can be found here

Day 4 – Soundtrack:

This award is dedicated to the game with the best soundtracks. Whether it's a single song or a collective unit, here you can share the songs that made you hyped, emotional, energetic, or just in the zone.

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Nominated by /u/OZONE_TempuS

Celeste (Composed and Arranged by Lena Raine)

Definitely my favorite soundtrack from 2018. Spanning one hundred minutes, Celeste's soundtrack manages to have quite a bit of variety in its arrangements which can vary from ambient to chiptune to synthwave (among others) which helps the whole thing feel fresh, but it also feels like a very cohesive work. The real strength of the soundtrack, however, is the way it's integrated with the game itself; the music does a great job at mirroring the gameplay, by dynamically changing things such as the intensity or arrangement of the piece on the fly. The dynamic soundtrack can really help the player feel a sense of progression as they progress through the level, match a frantic moment in the gameplay or accent a particular scene. Here's a good interview with the composer where she talks about the dynamic qualities of the soundtrack, among other things.

Favorite Tracks:

Runner Ups:

  1. Octopath Traveler nominated by /u/iWriteYourMusic

  2. Red Dead Redemption 2 nominated by /u/cheesewombat

  3. Tetris Effect nominated by /u/DaasthePenetrator

  4. God of War nominated by /u/shotintheface2

The full thread can be found here

Day 5 – Console Exclusives:

This award is dedicated to the game with the best console exclusive released in 2018


God of War

Nominated by /u/fizystrings

I would obviously like to nominate God of War. The game is simply phenomenal. Having never played another game in the series, I picked it up on a whim after seeing the high review scores it was getting. I was blown away by the level of polish put into the game. Obviously the game is beautiful, the animations and partical effects especially. It's ability to tell a personal story while still keeping the massive spectacle set pieces that the series is known for is also no small feat. GoW is my personal GotY, and also the best console exclusive released this year (with smash as a close second imo).

Runner Ups:

  1. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate nominated by /u/ContinuumGuy

  2. Spider-Man nominated by /u/Sputniki

  3. Forza Horizon 4 nominated by /u/datlinus

  4. Tetris Effect nominated by /u/aquatictortoise

The full thread can be found (LINK)

Day 6 – Continued Titles:

This award is dedicated to the game that, while it may or may not have released this year, has shown the most consistent improvement for player experience throughout. These games are designed to draw their player base back over and over with a fresh new set of concepts and ideas.

Path of Exile

Nominated by /u/Scythius1

The current Path of Exile is miles ahead of the version I originally played about 5 years ago. Since release, it has tripled its content with 10 acts now and lots of endgame options.

It currently has more depth and a larger playerbase than ever before, according to the devs it just broke their record for highest number of active players, which is extremely impressive.

Only Warframe (and perhaps Rainbow Six) come close to PoE in terms of continuous improvement.

Runner Ups:

  1. No Man’s Sky nominated by /u/redletterday94

  2. Warframe nominated by /u/dragonator23

  3. Rainbow Six: Siege nominated by /u/Blazehero

  4. Fortnite nominated by /u/dasoxarechamps2005

The full thread can be found here

Day 7 – Indie Games:

This award is dedicated to the best games of 2018 developed by small independent studios. While these games may not be backed by large industry publishers, they stand out for their high quality.


Nominated by /u/Gettles

I’m sure a lot of people will have more in depth and interesting things to say about it in this topic, but the final two levels of Celeste were the most climactic moments I’ve ever felt in a platformer.

I just wanted to shout out what made the game so special to me.

Runner Ups:

  1. Return of the Obra Dinn nominated by /u/sgt-pepper98

  2. Dead Cells nominated by /u/lordevoldem0rt

  3. RimWorld nominated by /u/GamingGideon

  4. Into the Breach nominated by /u/mastocklkaksi

The full thread can be found here

Day 8 – Content Creators:

This award is dedicated to content creators who provided the greatest videos, guides, documentaries, breakdowns, reviews, or more. While these figures may not be directly involved with the creation of games, they are an important part of the industry.

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John Bain aka TotalBiscuit

Nominated by /u/HereForGames

John Bain, better known as TotalBiscuit, who we lost earlier this year. Few individuals have done as much for developers and consumers alike as he did across the course of his life, shining a light on good games that needed it most while condemning terrible practices whenever they tried to sneak into the industry.

He informed his wife, Genna Bain, that he wanted her to take over the business after his death. She's done a pretty great job of things so far, despite having to battle cancer herself.

Runner Ups:

  1. NakeyJakey nominated by /u/topherproforsho

  2. Mark Brown nominated by /u/kaiju78

  3. Super Bunnyhop nominated by /u/sgt-pepper98

  4. No Clip and Danny O' Dwyer nominated by /u/xdownpourx

The full thread can be found here

Day 9 – Game of the Year:

This is it, the big one. What was the best game of 2018? What made it the best? How does it stand out over the rest?

God of War

Nominated by /u/atticusgf

It can't be anything other than God of War in my mind.

It's a rare thing for a game to provide a top-notch story alongside equally impressive gameplay. God of War does that, but also manages to reinvent a series, transform a character, and tell a tale that is as much about the emotional bonds between a family as it is about fighting gods and slaying monsters.

As a new father, this game wrecked me in ways that I didn't know were possible before. I don't think I've ever seen such a meaningful exploration of fatherhood and masculinity in not just a video game, but in any medium. I came into the game expecting to curb-stomp a new pantheon, but instead I found myself in tears more than I'm comfortable admitting.

The game is a cinematic masterpiece. The constant over-the-shoulder camera creates a unique experience – forcing you to remain connected to Kratos throughout the entire journey. So much of the story is told in laconic sentences or no words at all. Whether it's watching Kratos hesitate to comfort his son, or silently row a boat through a storm – it manages to convey meaning through more than just standard scripts.

On top of all of that, the game is just fun. The Leviathan Axe is one of the most satisfying weapons I've ever seen in a game, and the camera angle keeps you immersed the whole time. Mimir (voiced by Alastair Duncan) manages to provide constant levity – and is by far the most entertaining decapitated head in any story known to man.

It's the total package.

Runner Ups:

  1. Monster Hunter World nominated by /u/Blazehero

  2. Celeste nominated by /u/fearmeforiamrob

  3. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate nominated by /u/ContinuumGuy

  4. Red Dead Redemption 2 nominated by /u/ArcaneFuji

The full thread can be found here

And that's all the competitive threads! Thank you again to everyone who posted, commented, and upvoted to make this competition a success. Heres to an awesome 2019!

The non-competetive threads can be found here:

The original post can be found here.

These results will remain pinned until January 1st

Have a great holidays everyone!

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