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r/Nintendo plays: Super Mario Kart

Gamingtodaynews1b - r/Nintendo plays: Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart is the mad racing game that started one of the most loved and renowned series in video games! Even if you barely play games, Mario Kart is a game that almost everyone has played. The original SNES iteration is one of the most difficult Mario Kart games with characters that have noticeably different speed, acceleration, and handling. However, that makes the game one of the most enjoyable to compete in! Jump back in time and learn to master one of the most rewarding kart racers in video gaming. This game can be played on the SNES, SNES Classic, Wii and Wii U Virtual Console, and SNES Switch Online.


GameClub is all about completing challenges to obtain points and the glory of r/Nintendo! As a community dive into classic games from the NES or switch it up with the new era Nintendo Switch! All the while exploring these titles in inventive ways, climb the leaderboard to take the spot of GameClub champion on r/Nintendo!

To complete a challenge simply take a screen shot for proof on Miiverse, Imgur, or social media. Additionally take a picture with your phone or camera with your Reddit user name in the picture.

You're not limited to just one challenge. Just comment under this post to submit your challenge entry. Feel free to post your challenges even if you plan to edit them with more. We'll go through and collect them by October 4 – leaderboard scores will be updated accordingly.

1. Super Super Mario Kart Unlock Special cup for 5 points! Beat Special Cup with gold for another 5 points!

2. Super Bowser Kart Beat any cup with gold as Bowser for 3 points!

3. Time Trial (Non-Competitive) Beat the following three times for 3 points each!

  • Ghost Valley 2: Under 1'30"

  • Mario Circuit 4: Under 2'40"

  • Bowser Castle 2: Under 3'00"

4. Time Trial (Competitive) The following time trial is competitive All Records Must be Submitted By Midnight PDT on September 25. Getting first will earn you 10 points, getting second will net 5, and third 2. For purposes of ease of access please use a NTSC cartridge on the SNES or the Switch online Virtual Console!

  • Koopa Beach 2 Current Best Time: TBD | Second: TBD

  • Vanilla Lake 1 Current Best Time: TBD | Second: TBD

5. That Dang Monty Mole Share a certain horrific memory (i.e. monty mole ruining a time trial run) or a fun memory of the game for 2 points!

Leaderboard Top 15

The leaderboard is a cumulative tracking of points earned in Game Club challenges. This is up to date!


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